Amnesty for Argelian Islamist terrorists

Argelia bans the practice of other religions except Islam-except in controlled places- BUT amnesties Islamists terrorists.

Well, I thought that the conversion to other religions was dangerous for the one who converted, but not for society.

NOTE: the freedom of religion is very restricted in Algeria both for people of another religion -they can only practise it in controlled places- and for Muslims who after convert to another religion, as conversions are banned. So in this last case, their practise of reigion is totally banned.

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5 responses to “Amnesty for Argelian Islamist terrorists

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  2. It is “ALGERIA” in English. Not “Argelia”.

  3. Oh, sorry. I keep on making that mistake 😉

  4. Also, Algeria does not ban the practice of non-Islamic religions, it does not allow religious conversions out of Islam. Algeria has lots of Jews and atheists and some Christians and they may practice freely.

  5. Well, but then in Algeria it’s banned then to practise freely your religion if you’re a Muslim who afterwards converts to another one, as it bans the conversions.

    And, well, the people from other religions are not very free indeed, if you only can practise in the “appointed” places.

    So of course it does not ban religions, but bans two aspects that I think are very important: the conversion to other relgiions and the free practise of them.

    But I will add this correction.

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