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Islamic terrorism and Jihad, very incorrect expressions according to EU

Also you can embrace pollitcal correctness and change the language just not to hurt the ones that are menacing you, as the EU is doing (again), from A Wastern Heart.

By the way, you can read this post from Elder of Ziyon, who qoutes IslamOnLine:

The meaning of Jihad in our present time particularly refers to striving to liberate Muslim lands from the grip of the disbelievers who usurped them and imposed on them their own laws in lieu of the Divine Law. Those disbelievers may be Jews, Christians or both or even pagans, who follow no particular religion at all. Disbelievers are all alike.

Capitalists, Communists, Westerners, Easterners, People of the Book and pagans are by no means different from one other. They should all be fiercely fought if they attempt to occupy any part of the Muslim land. This duty falls on those closest to the occupied land, who should be aided by those closest to them, who, in turn, ought to be aided by those closest to them, till it becomes incumbent on all Muslims to take part in Jihad.

There is a problem though: any part of the world where a Muslim sets foot becomes Dar-Al-Islam, so afterwards they can fight for it.

Robert from Hyscience has a very good post about this new sign of dhimmitude. He qoutes Daniel Pipes:

… jihad is "holy war." Or, more precisely: It means the legal, compulsory, communal effort to expand the territories ruled by Muslims at the expense of territories ruled by non-Muslims.

The purpose of jihad, in other words, is not directly to spread the Islamic faith but to extend sovereign Muslim power (faith, of course, often follows the flag). Jihad is thus unabashedly offensive in nature, with the eventual goal of achieving Muslim dominion over the entire globe.

Martin Kramer:

Jihad consists of military action with the object of the expansion of Islam," he determined; presenting it as peaceful persuasion or self-defense "disregard[s] entirely the previous doctrine and historical tradition, as well as the texts of the Qur’an and the Sunna."11 In fact, someone has to be "imperfectly educated" to argue that jihad must be understood as struggle without arms. As Rudolph Peters wrote in his book on the doctrine of jihad, it is the idea of pacifist or defensive jihad that is new; Islamists (like bin Ladin) are much closer to classical doctrine.12 And that doctrine has enjoyed an obvious revival over the past twenty years.

And Robert Spencer:

"The meaning of the term ‘terror’ used by the media . . . is Jihad for the sake of Allah." Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakar Bashir in Indonesia, Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza in England, Mullah Krekar in Norway, and other radical Muslims around the world have been unanimous in declaring that they are not indiscriminate purveyors of mayhem — terrorists — but mujahedin: jihad warriors. They have declared again and again that they are fighting to unify the Islamic people under a restored caliphate, and to establish the hegemony of Islamic law over the reunified umma, as well as over the non-Muslim world

The European Union, each day dhimmier and more blind and deaf to reality.

UPDATE: When Jihad is not Jihad, from Israpundit.

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Zapatero: in favor of the Iranian nuclear energy

The United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero here Thursday stressed Iran’s right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Addressing a joint press conference, Annan and Zapatero said negotiation is the best solution to Iran’s nuclear case.

It is quite right that Iran reminds the world of its right to access to peaceful nuclear energy, said Annan adding Tehran should fulfill its commitments within the regulations of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He praised efforts made by Iran and the European states to resume talks and settle Tehran’s nuclear case, encouraging the sides to boost the move.

HT: Elder of Ziyon.

Well, the good thing here, is that Zapatero’s party, the Socialists are totally oppposed to Spain using nuclear plants to produce electricity. What is more, the Socialists’ program included a proposition to “dispense with nuclear energy”:

The substitution of the 9 nuclear reactors for renewable energies (7.900 W) that are functioning just now would cost between € 15.000 and 20.000 millions, depending on the chosen alternative. To this quantity, we should add the consequences in jobs, because the definitive shut will forze the sacking of 20.000 wordkers; the economic impact in zones where the nuclear plants are sited; and the lose of fiscal benefits for the municipalities. And lastly, the high cost of the dimantlement of the nuclear plants that would be shut.
So, he thinks it’s appropriate to deprive Spain of the only energy that it’s really ours, that reduces our dependence from foreigners. But yet he thinks that Iran, the forth producer of oil in the worls, and one of the first in gas, should have nuclear energy.

In fact, the link in which the Socialists said that they were going to subsitute nuclear energy for others, cheaper and environmental-friendly, has disappeared from its web page. But the Bitacora de Yok, has a very good comment about this:

If they have a better and cheaper energy, don’t they believe the greedy businessmen that are only searching for increasing their benefits would have begun to use it, without any need to force them?

A disaster very coherent. As everything our President is doing.

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The Egyptian counter-attack to the cartoons

I read it at Rantings of a Sandmonkey.

The Syndicate of Egyptian cartoonists decided that they would respond to the danish cartoons by making their own cartoons on what happend. They were done in order to- and I quote- " as a response to those who fell under the thrall of racism, forgery and crime", and were printed in a 2 page spread in Al Fagr newspaper, probably as a way to redeem the fact that they were the ones who first published the danish cartoons last October.

Of all of them I am going to post only the 2 which are the most "extraordinary" from my point of view.

The number one (above) depicts a Western man that represents the EU, hurting a defenseless Arab with a pencil.

And of course the Anti-Semitism has also a place in this collection:

This one is showing a pig drawing the cartoon while saying saracsticly: "What is it? What's wrong? You never heard of something called Freedom of Expression? Hahahahahahaha". Please note the star of david hanging on the wall behind him.

You can see more at Sandmonkey's blog.

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France is helding secret talks with Hamas

A Hamas official confirmed on Monday that France held secret talks with its representatives on behalf of the European Union, a break in the policy of isolating the new Palestinian government. The Palestinian source further claimed that France was attempting to improve relations between the European Community and the group that Israel had urged countries to reject.

HT: Klein Verzet.

I cannot deny that I was expecting this. The EU has a lot of relations with the Palestinians (I think they are the first contributors by far). The worst part of it is that Hamas has again insisted that they will not recognise Israel.

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Solana, dissapointed at Hamas; Grave security problems in Gaza

Solana “disappointed” at Hamas’s stubbornness – The Spain Herald

The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Spanish Socialist Javier Solana, yesterday expressed his “disappointment” at Hamas’s refusal to change its policies, but he called the refusal of other Palestinian political groups to join its new government “positive.” Solana, speaking after the EU foreign ministers had held talks on the Middle East situation, said that Hamas’s position “is not reasonable. If it were, other parties would have joined them.”
The EU on Monday maintained its demand that Hamas must renounce violence, accept the existence of Israel, and agree to the international pacts made by the former Palestinian Authority government in exchange for EU cooperation and further aid. Its foreign ministers are waiting for the confirmation of the new Hamas cabinet and the first announcements that it makes in order to decide whether it is necessary to “reorient aid” to the Palestinian Authority, to which the EU is the largest world contributor.
Ismail Haniye, the new Palestinian prime minister, submitted his list of Cabinet members to Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, whose approval was necessary before the Cabinet’s confirmation by Parliament. Solana stated at a press conference that Abbas’s program “is not really constructive, but simply a list of elements that are already in Hamas’s statutes. We would have liked to see Hamas evolve. We’re not asking for the moon.”
Spanish secretary of state for the EU Alberto Navarro insisted yesterday on the importance of “not interrupting European aid to the Palestinian people. French minister Philippe Douste-Blazy stressed the need for “moderation” on both parts during the period between the January Palestinian elections and the Israeli election on March 28.

Today there has been grave problems in Gaza: Some armed palestinians have cut down the Saladino’s highway, when the Police Chief was heading for the frontier post to Ramala, in orde to ask for payment and jobs. Also some other armed Palestinians have taken the Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs to demand jobs in the Administration. They aimed shots at the police and throw some tyres to the policial forces. The more radicals of Al-Fatah members have stated they are not going to accept the conditions of the new Hamas’ government and that they will act violently to demand their claims.

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France and Turkey: more about the freedom of speech

Some days ago, I wrote about a project of a modification to the French constitution, which called for limitations of the free press. Not surprinsingly, the French Muslims have backed it:

French Muslims backed Saturday, March 18, a draft law criminalizing blasphemy, which has been put forward by an MP for the ruling Union for Popular Movement party (UMP).
“The Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) is planning a campaign to support the UMP motion,” UOIF head in the heavily Muslim populated Saint Denis district, told
He said representatives of key Muslim organizations in France have recently met with the head of the UMP’s parliamentary bloc to support the initiative and also called on other parties to rally behind the motion, which calls for amending an article in the press law better known as Law July 29, 1881.
Revealing the bill last week, Marc Bouraud, the ruling party’s MP for the Lez Avignon Villeneuve district in southeast France, said that free speech should not be exploited to blaspheme against a certain religion.
He told reporters that France should not tolerate those who incite hatredand criminalize any speech and caricatures blasphemous to any religion.
The MP said he was driven by the Danish cartoons crisis, which “exposed the fragile link between freedom of expression and freedom of belief and thought.”
The motion says that “any speech, yelling, written or printed threat, or drawings attacking a certain religion is considered blasphemy that must be punished.

HT: Plus+Ultra Blog.
At the same time, Turkey is insisting (again) in requesting the EU the need to “protect more Islam“:

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European Union and energy matters

From TIMESONLINE: Here’s an excerpt:

ALARMED by a surge in energy costs and the threat of an acute gas shortage, the European Commission has made an attempt to seize control of energy policy from national governments.

The move follows a decision by Britain to yield control over energy policy to Brussels when output of North Sea oil and gas has gone into sharp decline, contributing to a big increase in domestic heating bills.


The common energy policy, announced yesterday, marks a dramatic step in the integration of Europe on a key strategic issue, akin to the creation of the Common Agriculture Policy and the single trade policy, transferring considerable powers from national capitals to Brussels.

José Manuel Barroso, the President of the Commission, said: “We are proposing a common strategy for energy. We are in a new energy century. Demand is rising. Europe’s reserves are declining. There is underinvestment and our climate is changing.

“We must have an approach to match this new reality – the EU can no longer afford 25 different and uncoordinated energy policies.”

Brussels proposes the creation of a single European electricity grid, new gas and oil pipelines into the heart of the EU from North Africa, the Middle East and the Caspian region and the setting up of emergency gas stocks to be shared by members in the event of a disruption in supplies.

There would be a European energy regulator and an EU energy observatory to advise of any problems ahead. However, it would be left to governments to decide whether or not to build nuclear power stations or invest in renewable energy such as wind farms.

Brussels would also take over energy negotiations with third parties such as Russia, Europe’s main energy supplier, arguing that EU members will get a better deal if they combine forces rather than negotiate on their own. Senhor Barroso will hold talks with President Putin of Russia about energy issues next week. Mr Putin has been invited to address EU leaders about energy at a summit in a fortnight.

These last paragraphs are very important. The EU is intending to build unique European market, but instead of investing in the development of new sources of energie that could Europe to be independent from foreign regions is going to put ALL the market into the hands of countries that have no democratic traditions or are refuges of Islamist terrorists. They are just going to leave the governments the possibility (wow!) of investing in that issues. That is NOT sufficient, I’m afraid. The situation is so important there should be a common policy in investment or the strategic situation is going to be worse and worse everyday.

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