The future chief of the Anglican Church

It's not very encouraging, isn't it?

From Daniel Pipes

Mar. 25, 2006 update: As the first Westerner ever to address the Al Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Charles […] chose to give Muslims some advice about modernizing their religion. Note the "we" in the following quote: "I think we need to recover the depth, the subtlety, the generosity of imagination, the respect for wisdom that so marked Islam in its great ages." He also said Jews and Christians should learn from Islamic teachings:

What is so distinctive of the great ages of faith surely was that they understood, as well as sacred texts … the meaning of God's word for all time and its meaning for this time. … it was Islam's greatness to understand this in its full depth and challenge. This is what you … can give not only to Islam but by example to all the other children of Abraham.

[Back] in a 1997 Middle East Quarterly article titled "Prince Charles of Arabia," Ronni L. Gordon and David M. Stillman looked at evidence that Britain's Prince Charles might be a secret convert to Islam. They shifted through his public statements (defending Islamic law, praising the status of Muslim women, seeing in Islam a solution for Britain's ailments) and actions (setting up a panel of twelve "wise men" to advise him on Islamic religion and culture), then concluded that, "should Charles persist in his admiration of Islam and defamation of his own culture," his accession to the throne will indeed usher in a "different kind of monarchy."

And from Militant Islam Monitor:

 Charles considers Christianity inadequate to the task of spiritual restoration and denigrates science for having caused the West to lose its spiritual moorings. Echoing a common Muslim theme, he declares that "Western civilisation has become increasingly acquisitive and exploitive in defiance of our environmental responsibilities." Instead, he praises the "Islamic revival" of the 1980s and portrays Islam as Britain's salvation:

Islam can teach us today a way of understanding and living in the world which Christianity itself is poorer for having lost. At the heart of Islam is its preservation of an integral view of the Universe. Islam-like Buddhism and Hinduism-refuses to separate man and nature, religion and science, mind and matter, and has preserved a metaphysical and unified view of ourselves and the world around us. . . . But the West gradually lost this integrated vision of the world with Copernicus and Descartes and the coming of the scientific revolution. A comprehensive philosophy of nature is no longer part of our everyday beliefs.

Eurabian News has also a post on this item -in Spanish-.



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11 responses to “The future chief of the Anglican Church

  1. I knew he rejects modern architecture. I did not know that he rejects science. The Duke should be shot for his theories of raising a King. Or more to the point for putting them into action.

  2. Yeah, well, there is also a passage about how well we, Western women, should envy Muslim women.


  3. Gorroño, M.D

    I am speechless.


  4. fuc all muslims


  5. mae

    Let Charles exercise his human right of freedom of expression.

  6. I’m letting him exercise his freedom of expression, and, then, I am exercising mine. Or that means I cannot critisize him?

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  8. mae

    to Spanish Eowyn : Did I say you cannot critisize ?

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  11. Mae: No, your just say that “I must allow Charles to exercise his human right to freedom of expression”… so your just implying that it’s not good to critisize him. I am allowing him to exercise every of his HR but I can also exercise mine, can’t I?

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