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Top Al-Qaeda member detained in Canada

TORONTO – An alleged terrorist — with links to al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden — has been arrested in the GTA while trying to flee the country, Sun Media immigration sources say. In one of the most significant terrorism arrests in Canada since 9/11, a man believed to be a captain of the Pakistani extremist organization Mujahedin-E-Lashkar-E-Tayyba, or LET, which is funded by Osama bin Laden and has direct ties to al-Qaida, was arrested March 16 by Canadian border service officers in Newmarket….

Ontario immigration sources say 40-year-old Raja Ghulam Mustafa, a Pakistani national who went by the last name Murtaza, was arrested outside his home with a packed suitcase and a significant amount of cash on him….

In 1997, Mustafa was arrested in the U.S. but was released on a peace bond after he filed a claim for refugee status. (Hein? He was released after he filed a claim for refugee status! This must be a joke… Well,  no joke I 'm afraid: US, back in 1997, released someone who was a terrorist because he claimed for refugee status. How on earth someone like him can be a refugee? Ask Clinton, he was the US President in those days.)


During that time, officials said he fled to Canada under a phony name. He was eventually able to secure refugee status here.

Mustafa moved to Newmarket to live with his brother-in-law Syed Maqsood Aly, a fugitive wanted in the U.S. for drug trafficking and fraud, according to sources.

Magnificent: a terrorist and a drug dealer living in the same house… And are… brothers! Reality goes beyong the writers' imagination…


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