(Horrible) Pic of the Day

Valiantly showing off the severed head of an Indonesian Christian child.

I think it doesn’t need any comments.

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15 responses to “(Horrible) Pic of the Day

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  3. That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen! Why is that not being shown or talked about anywhere else? Where is the outrage? The headlines? Our great American MSM is worrying about trying a soldier who SCARED a prisoner with a dog while these terrorists are chopping off the heads of CHILDREN!

  4. Yes, it is. Although I say disgustingly, that at first, all these things surprised me -in a very bad way-. Now they do not really. I just expect ANYTHING to be possible in countries where Shari’a rule.

    What is “funny” is that Indonesia is a “democracy”. I cannot name any country as democratic after seeing this kind of pics.

    Really disgusting.

  5. Indonesia, and the Moros of the southern Phillipines have a history of violence that is just alien to us.

  6. thimp9

    hmm, sorry looks like a fake pic to me. should have have done a better job.

  7. huahahahahhahaaaa….
    Thats so fake! lol
    Can you just make it in better effect? ..oh please. Even any of graphic kid can do much better than you.!
    i am from indonesia and they do what called a “dancing” there from Borneo island…
    lol and you need more skills in photoshop I can tell.
    Shall watch more of travel channel or national geographic on TV!

  8. Well, if you think it’s false, just show me some proofs. I mean, I’ve found it on Internet, and I posted here. Why don’t you go to the site from which I copied it (the link it’s on the post) and tell the author that he used the photoshop to fake the photo? I will like to hear his answer too.

    It’s true: I have not taken any classes on the Photoshop program, because I do not need them. There are so many horrible pics in this world to waste time just modifying others. I do not know about you but I do not have time enough for that really.

    By the way you need one class of Geography: India is not Indonesia LOL LOL.

  9. …..offcourse India is not Indonesia! LOL
    How idiot is that to wrote the tittle as “Valiantly showing off the severed head of an INDONESIAN Christian child.” ? and you change it to INDIA now???!?

    oh please make up your mind about the country of those pict!…


  10. theimp9

    hmm, ok i will. Look i am not saying i am a fan of Islam there is lots i disagree with.

    you are right, there is many bad pics from the real world so lets not
    show fake ones.I am sure if you looked you could find real pics.

    who said anything about India? learn to read maybe?

  11. From Indo with Love: sorry I read badly your name. I read India, not Indo. That was really my fault. Consequence of blogging very late at night. But your comment is very offensive as it was the first. I do not try to twist things and if that pic is false, prove it. I do not have Photoshop nor the time -as I said- to search the Internet for false pics. And by the way, I repeat my last message to you: why don’t you go to the original link and tell the author “the picture you have posted here, is false? Just question him/her.

    theimp9: it’s curious that you did not tell that it was false to the author of the original link. I mean, I do not like to post things that are false -that is why I ever post the link to the original article or news- but when I read all the original post, it made sense. That is why I put the link, for you to read it.

    And by the way, the message was not directed at you, theimp9, but to “From Indo with Love”. I mean, he/she just enters here, laughing about my “uses of the Photoshop program” -that I know are none, because I do not need it, as I have said-, and indirectly accusing me of treating a pic to twist reality. I accept a message like yours, that is well meant. WE are here to learn from other people.

    And by the way, a lot of people had seen that pic for some days. It’s curious that only you two, have complained.

    But, I repeat, I do not have any problem in saying that it’s false if you prove it. This is a blog, not the CNN. I do not make money with this, so I do not have any problem in saying “hey, false alarm, this is a false pic”. And by the way if it is false, that would speak very badly for the “author”.

  12. I remember what we ‘Christians’ did to people who didn’t agree with our brand of religion. We simply burned them alive at the stake. We tortured them in the name of God. Were we any better? This went on for centuries!!! It finally stopped when the people rose up and cried: “Enough” We won’t even go into the 700 Indians the Pilgrims killed and then announced the first Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the fact. No it wasn’t exactly like we learned in our history books. We slaughtered our way across the Indian nations and took large chunks of Mexico and turned them into states by spilling their blood as well as ours. Now we are finger-pointing at others and pretending that we always were better than they. MEA CULPA, MEA MAXIMA CULPA.

  13. I just do not think your response is appropriate, Paula. I have not commited any of those acts nor my ancestors, I can assure you. What is more, I abhor them. So why on Earth I cannot denounce them when they are happening just NOW?

    There is other thing, while in Christianity, those acts are against the basic principles of Faith (If Christ is Love, and Love should be free, how can we oblige others to believe in Him, and kill them if they do not?), Sharia just says the opposite. If you are a Muslim, then you cannot convert to any other faith, and if you do, you HAVE to be sentenced to death. And I say Sharia, because this “decision” is not in the Koram, but in the Hadiz -the live and deeds of Mohammed-.

    Galileo said: “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense,
    reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use”. Let’s follow his path. By the way, the Catholic Church has aske dfor forgiveness because of its past sins. How many other religions have done that? NONE. I think that is really something in its favour.

  14. Chaya

    Before I send this out to everyone on my list, I want to ask if this photo has been verified as true. I wouldn’t want to send something out that wasn’t. I clicked on the link below the photo and got a Hebrew site with nothing about the photo on it. So, can you please do some verification before I send out my e-mail? Thank you.

  15. Well, when I posted it a lot of time ago, the link really pointed to a functioning blog. I will have to check about it. But if you want some horrible (they are really horrible) pics about Jihad, you can click here.
    Sorry for the inconveniences, but there are blogs who are shut or deleted in so long a time…

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