This is a blog about the political consequences of Islam. As you are probably well aware, the Koram contemplates all the duties that a person should fulfill if he/she wants to be a good Muslim. Among them, there are pollitical and legal aseverations that can lead to a new attack on Western democracies. We are viewing some of the first symptoms. Terrorism is one of them, but not the most important. But all of them are part of the Jihad.
The Jihad has two sides: the major, against oneself vices and the ones that appears in each person's neighbourhood; and the minor, against the Infidels, justified in a previous attack, although the term "attack" is not very well defined in the Koram. A woman wearing a mini-skirt or the oil use can be an example of each case.
It is a religious war, but mostly is a political one for the control of the world and the achievment of their goal: the Universal Caliphate.
This does not mean ALL Muslims are terrorists or bad people. No, there are some of them who are intending a change in Islam.
Because the first victims of Islamic intolerance based in sacred books are the Muslims.
As you can guess, this is not a racist blog. Racist is the adjective we use when someone hates the people who belong to a particular race. And in this blog, we don't hate anybody. We just despise dictators and the people who support them, wherever they are atheist or not.
Lastly, this is a blog that intends to think about this problem. As a result, from now on, all comments will be held on moderation and every comment that can be considered as inadequate will be erased.


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  1. Hello I came across your site and wanted to offer a link exchange.

  2. Thanks Jason.

    I will link it right away.

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  4. Check out my song “Think For Yourself” at http://www.myspace.com/anthonylongo1. The song is a message against terrorism, Jihadism, and sectarian violence.

  5. I found this site by accident while I found some vidoes in youtube. Very nice, and full of information that I alway want to know especially the truth between Christian and Moslems

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