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Polygamy in France

From Deustche Welle:

Between 150,000 and 400,000 people live in polygamous households in France, in which a man is married to more than one woman. The French state is trying to change the situation — with mixed results.

The government argues that living in polygamy prevents immigrants from becoming integrated into French society and that it goes against the principles of gender equality enshrined in the constitution. Polygamy was made illegal in France in 1993. Those who still live in polygamy have either been doing so since before the law was passed or they married abroad.

Though polygamy isn’t very common in the northern Paris suburb of Cergy, most people in the African community there seem to know at least one polygamous family, usually with roots in Mali.


“I’m against polygamy, even though I’m African,” explained Kofi Jumeau, who, along with his 43 brothers and sisters, could speak from first-hand experience. “My father had between nine and 11 wives. And unfortunately it really hurt us kids, because there was no family cohesion. It was really bad for us.”


The French authorities employ a strategy they call “de-cohabitation” to reduce the numbers of polygamous households. It involves social workers helping second and third wives move into separate apartments with their children, breaking up the polygamous arrangement.

[…] Parliamentarian Chantal Brunel has taken up the issue and would like the government to be more aggressive in dealing with it. “I think we have to send a strong message to other countries and to foreigners who live here and don’t respect the laws on our soil. Polygamy is completely illegal in France, and yet it exists.”


Brunel sponsored legislation last year calling for state tutors to manage the welfare benefits of polygamous families. Though the bill didn’t pass, she did manage to draw attention to the issue of polygamy and continued to lobby her colleagues for more action in tackling it. There’s now a growing sense that France’s current policy isn’t working, and that the country needs to take a tougher stance if it wants polygamy to become a thing of the past.

HT: Eurabian News.

If we study the consequences of the polygamous weddings in France, we can distinguish between the ones which are made in France -not recognised but for some very limited effects- and the ones who are made outside France, who in general are recognised as valid, except when the man is married to a French woman. So the inmediate consequence is that they are promoting the polygamous weddings with foreign women who are not aware of their rights and normally do not even speak French.

It’s not very strange then the system is not working,

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Europe’s Islamic future is now

The result of an extensive research and five months of field interviews in numerous schools in 20 French provinces by a distinguished group of educators, the Obin report documents the extensive Islamization of French schools in the vicinity of Moslem ghettoes and the imposition of strict conformity with Islamist dictates through violence and intimidation.

Having by and large completed their takeover of the Moslem ghettoes, often by “targeted violence” against non-Moslems and moderate Moslems alike, the Islamist fanatics are making great progress towards achieving control of the educational system as well.

As usual, girls are the first victims of religious extremism. The “big brothers,” as the Islamists are known in school, enforce a strict Islamic dress code which prohibits make-up, dresses and skirts, forbid any co-educational activities and make going to the movies, the swimming pool or the gym all but impossible for Moslem girls.

The punishment for refusal to conform is often physical violence and beatings. And this, says the report, is a relatively protected environment compared to “what girls experience outside of school.” Such as forced marriages at 14 or 15.

You can read the entire article at France-Echos.


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Throwing stones at girls dressed “too sexy”: Sharia in France.

German schoolgirls came for a scholar exchange to Saine-Saint-Denis. But to the eyes of the “jeunes” of the neighborhood (“young people”, another expression to designate people coming from immigration, copyright political correctness) they were dressed a little bit too “sexy”. The gang of “jeunes” therefore started to throw them stones.

The “jeunes” stones throwers reproached them to dress in a shocking way, and especially to wear skirts. Interviewed by the journalist, some Arabic girls spoke of provocation :

This is our neighborhood, this is the 9-3” (read nine-three).

“We don’t want them to come in our neighborhood dressed like bitches”.

Source : France-Echos, le blog in English.

Hmm, where were the policemen, "les gendarmes"? What would have happened if these girls would have been badly hurt? I am amazed at these kind of news…

(The cartoon says:

-you also have been in a Muslim country, haven't you?

-ehh, No, just in France!)


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Youth on trial for burning a teenage girl

PARIS A 22 year-old French man went on trial in the Paris suburb of Creteil on Friday accused of burning a teenage girl to death in a crime that became an emblem of the sufferings of young women in poor French neighborhoods. Prosecutors say that in October 2002 Jamal Derrar doused 17 year-old Sohane Benziane with gasoline at the foot of a tower-block in Vitry-sur-Seine, southeast of Paris, and set her on fire. She died two hours later in hospital.

Derrar, who says that he only meant to scare the girl, acted to avenge himself after he was humiliated in a fight with her boyfriend, investigators believe.

He is accused of "acts of torture and barbarity that unintentionally led to death" and faces a possible life term in jail.

From Hodja (go there and read the rest).

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The Definition of Incitement

French authorities are fond of accusing media in other countries of "incitement". As I discussed on the old Trans-Int, French Minister of Defense Michelle Alliot-Marie brandished the charge, for instance, when Ivorian media in November 2004 reported on a massacre of Ivorian civilians by the French military. Some weeks later, nonetheless, Alliot-Marie would be forced to concede that Ivorian civilians had indeed been killed by French fire. (For a look back on the so-called "Hotel Ivoire" incident on its one-year anniversary, see my "The Black Tuesday of the French Army".) But these same authorities do nothing to control incitement in France's own state-owned media – notably anti-American and anti-Israeli incitement: such, for instance, as that constituted by the infamous France2 report of the alleged Israeli killing of the 12-year-old "boy-martyr" Muhammad al-Dura at Netzarim Junction on September 30, 2000. Though France2 officials have in the meanwhile admitted that their attribution of the boy's death to Israeli Army fire was likely erroneous, France2 has yet to broadcast a public rectification or seriously to address the doubts concerning the authenticity of the France2 video footage that allegedly documented the episode. (For details, see the Trans-Int Dossier on the "Al-Dura/France2 Affair" .)

READ the rest at the Transatlantic Intelligencer. Very important.

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The faces of Youssouf’s accomplices

These are the faces of the Youssouf's accomplices. Youssouf is the chief of "the barbares", the gang who tortured and killed Ilan Hallimi. Continue reading

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The future of France

How on earth is going to survive a country where their own "youths" are calling to handle the country to the foreigners?

Well, just see this post (video included) from E-nough:

[…] some gangs joined the demonstration. Gangs of "youths", this time the ones that made Parisian suburbs burn last November (after all, if the co-Allah-bobos burn cars in the streets of the capital city, you really thought the "youths" wouldn't want to join them?). Mostly young people from Africa again from what we've seen (one member of the BAF tried to film them and was advised not-so-kindly not to use his camera).

NOTE: the riots this time are about the CPE (contrat de Premier Emploi or First job Contract). From Franc-Echos, le blog in English, we have some photos of the riots. You can also see NO PASARÁN: Paris Riot Watch.

You can also see the "communiqué" of the Union Action Police:

The ‘casseurs’ (destroyers) of the ghettos, who are the same as the rioters of November 2005, are organizing themselves through Internet blogs to call to insurrection during the anti-CPE demonstrations that are planned for Tuesday in the afternoon, starting at the Place d’Italie in Paris.

Those blogs are calling to destroy “Jews, Whites and riches”. You can also read on those blogs: “France must be burnt, as Hamas will burn Israel”. It is obvious that the racial and religious violence will reach a new level this afternoon. Having noted the severe lack of security in the last police devices, and the different concepts of order among the different actors, it will be very hard (¡!) to keep public order. We recommend to the more vulnerable not to go to this protest, and to the demonstrators to remain in compact groups.

This is marvellous hein? But then there are people who accuse Whites of being racists. My goodness…

UPDATE: I was forgetting about this piece of news my colleagues over at Eurabian News have posted: destruction of the Christian inheritance in France (I translate the most important part of it).

Hordas vandálicas han penetrado en la École de Chartes, dependiente de la Sorbona, han tomado y tirado después por las calles, incluso quemado delante de la capilla de la Sorbona, documentos de las abadías de Paris y alrededores. Se trata de documentos oficiales y de derecho privado de la Edad Media, con una antigüedad de más de diez siglos en algunos casos.

Translation: Vandalic hords have penetrated in the École de Chartres, that depends from the Sorbone, have taken and thrown into rubbish after in the streets, even burnt in front of the Sorbona's chapelle, documents of the Paris abbeys andof others from the surroundings. They are offic¡al documents and of private law from the Middle Ages, more than 10 centuries old in some cases.

You can also read it at France-Echos: le blog in English.
And last but not least:

Death to Democracy! cries this painting. This is really worrying, worrying indeed. Not only because it's France but also because France is a part of Europe.

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