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Christians in Turkey

You can read an excelent post by Franze in Civitas Dei, about the consequences that has had for Turkish Christians the murder of Father Santoro:

So why he was described as a “hero” on the front pages of newspapers in Italy? A hero fights, struggles violently, rebels using arms, wants justice at all costs, defends himself and wins by killing the enemy. It seems to me that, according to human logic, Dr Andrea was the figure of the “anti-hero”.

Nor, we are told, was he a saint. He was not a saint like those in the holy pictures: languid, sickly sweet, always compliant and smiling. He had an energetic character, he was decisive, even abrupt, at times resolute, and he did not allow for compromises… one can almost hear an echo of Luke’s description of Jesus, who “set his face resolutely towards Jerusalem”.

A friend of his, a sister, revealed that before returning to Turkey at the end of January, he had called her in Rome and confided: “You know, pray for me because I feel that I am annoying Satan…”

A week later he was murdered in the name of God.

His death has reawakened us from the torpor of our consciences; it is reminding us what it means to die for love. It has reminded us that a Christian can make himself an uncomfortable presence that must be removed, eliminated. And if this is not the case, then one is not a true disciple of Christ.

But after death, comes Life.

What about the difference with the Jihadi "martyrs"?

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