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Morocco, a refuge for the Jihadist combattants

(Original post by Chesk in Eurabian News):Catalan press is normally very biased and politically correct. This is the reason why it’s rarely possible to read something that is valuable. But since the last Saturday, La Vanguardia, is publishing an special about the increase of fundamentalists in Morocco.

The first one os called “The Moroccan Nursery” and runs like this:

Morroco, after being a peaceful country in comparison with the Islamist agitation of its neighbours, is at the moment a “nursery” and a a refuge of caombattants for the conflicts in Muslim countries and for the war against the West in the name of Islam, in which take part some groups belonging to Al-Qaeda or related to it.
The sermons or the conversations that take place in the surroundings of mosques, the books, the infomation that is gathered across Internet, the TV Channel Al-Jazeera…, all of those factors ignite the spirits of the youths that live in a society that does not cover their expectations, neither moral nor spiritual ones.

Normally, as this is a leftist newspaper, the insatisfaction are the culprits. But not in today’s special, that is devoted to examine why the terrorists are marrying Moroccan women:

So, why search Moroccan wifes? “They are beautiful, used to serve, do not demand a lot of dowry in comparison with women from abroad, they accept being fully covered and adapt themselves to the hard ways of living in the training camps”.
It’s very easy to ask for enrolement after the indoctrination phase, but it is not to receive the necessary one. The preparation of combattants begins in Morocco in a very little level -except the one received by the terrorists of the Casablanca bombings, May 16th, 2003-, so they have to complete it abroad. It’s then when the recruiters and intermediaries/mediators appear again and also all the things necessary for a trip normally without coming back.

This is an important threaten to Spain and, as a result, to all European Union because of the freedom of displacement throughout Europe.


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