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Mark Steyn expresses himself

MARK STEYN tells all:

I’ve been the token conservative on liberal newspapers. I don’t mind an adversarial relationship in terms of your position on the Gulf War, or Afghanistan, or the European Union or whatever. I don’t mind having differences with editors and so forth on that. But when it gets into, when the whole relationship just becomes generally toxic, then I think it’s best to hang out your shingle somewhere else, which I will do in the United Kingdom at some point.

Read the whole thing.


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Blogging for free

he he.


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Censorship in the blogosphere: Pakistan is blocking websites that carry Mohammed cartoons

From Plus Ultra Blog:

ISLAMABAD: The government has blocked all websites that carry caricatures of…Muhammad…on the Internet, and the attorney general has been asked to explore legal avenues for implementing a global ban on these sites. A three-member bench…issued notices and directed the attorney general to inform the court next Monday as to how it could prevent access to such objectionable material on the internet worldwide. The bench was…seeking a complete blockage of sites carrying the cartoons and their depictions.
The blocked sites are contained in this document from the Pakistani governement:

HT: The Nordish Portal

Looks like the blockage they are asking is going to affect only people living and viewing Internet from Pakistan. But his example can extend to other countries, including some Eurabian totally fearful of Islamist “peaceful” methods of persuasion. And Musharraf is hardly seaking legislation from a UN platform against the “blasphemous” cartoons. Please read the link from the Nordish Portal: VERY IMPORTANT.

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Norwegian company dumped Danish boats to land deal with Iranian port authority

The reason; cannot you guess it? hmm, no? really? well, er…. the reason is … the publishing of the Mohammed cartoons. Was not Norway a secularised country? Er, not from Islamists I presume.

HT: Agora:

Båtservice Verft in Mandal had to cut out Danish supplier to land big contract with the port authority of Iran

Dumped Danish boats
This time around the shipyard has been tasked with building nine pilot vessels for the port authority of Iran. The contract is estimated to be worth 110 Millions NOK.

“Iranian authorities view Norway as a good country to collaborate with,” Bjørn Fjellhaugen opines.

Though the contract was signed as the Norwegian flag was burning in the Middle East, that wasn’t a problem [at the negotations].

“It’s worse for the Danes. They have problems. I had, among other things, some Danish rubber boats included in the Pilot Vessel project. I had to put in Zodiacs instead, Fjellhaugen says to Dagens Næringsliv.

Good Reputation in Sudan
Fjellhaugen is currently in negotiations with the government of Sudan for an order of several Towboats. The efforts of former Secretary for Foreign Aid, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, to create peace in the country has given [Norwegians] a very good reputation in the country, according to Fjellhaugen.

The Båtservice group last year had a turnover of 280 Million NOK with a surplus of 9 Million NOK before taxes and employs 360 people.

Good reputation in Sudan and Iran. Damps out the Danes. Well, it’s logical: 70% of his business is in Muslim countries (link in Norwegian). Er, looks like money is not secularised. he, he…

HT: Eurabian News. Also commenting on this issue:, The Nordish Portal (where I read Mullah Krekar is likely to be expelled to Iraq soon: I do not know if those are good news or not. I mean, Iraq does not need another foolish imam/fatwa maker, they have enough with Al-Sadr. Mainly, when the rest are decreeing the spilling of innocent Iraqi blood).

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Fjordman has awakened

You can see his new essay in the Brussels Journal.

One thousand years ago Scandinavians were the barbarians of Europe, spreading fear and extracting “Danegeld” from their more civilized neighbors. In the 21st century Scandinavians are peaceful and soft-spoken, and the roles seem to have been reversed with certain newly arrived immigrants. There are claims that immigration costs Sweden 40 to 50 billion Swedish kroner every year, perhaps even several hundred billions, and has greatly contributed to bringing the Swedish welfare state to the brink of bankruptcy.

In Denmark right-wing politicians are already debating the threat of immigrant “welfare tourists,” should the Swedish system collapse. In Norway almost half of all children with a non-Western background claim social security benefits. This is ten times the rate of the native population. A Danish commission concluded that Denmark could save 50 billion kroner every year by 2040 if it shut the door to third world immigration. At the same time, statistics indicate that Scandinavians will become a minority in their own countries within a couple of generations, if the current trends continue. While their political elites insist that immigration is “good for the economy,” Scandinavians are in reality funding their own colonization.

Although the cost of welfare is significant, it pales in comparison to the price paid through rapidly declining social harmony and increasing insecurity caused by Muslim immigration. Some of the increase in insecurity is due to the rise of mafia groups and organized crime, but most is mainly due to terror threats and intimidation of critics of Islam and Muslim immigration.

It is true that the Scandinavian countries have much in common, but the differences that do exist should not be underestimated. It was no coincidence that the issue with the Muhammad cartoons started in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, as Denmark is probably the one Western nation where the debate surrounding Muslim immigration is most mainstream and open. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s centre-right government has imposed some of the toughest regulations in the EU on asylum seekers.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that Denmark’s problems are over. In 2005 attackers set fire to the immigration minister’s car. A leftist group calling itself “Beatte Without Borders” said it carried out the attack, condemning the government’s “racist immigration policies.” Muslim extremists have declared that the Danish PM and Defense Minister are legitimate terror targets because of Denmark’s participation in Iraq. Members of Denmark’s moderate Muslim community say they are reluctant to speak out with critical observations of their religion, fearing social isolation, threats and violence, and a Danish Jew was even attacked for reading from the Koran.

Imam Abu Laban was one of the prime movers in making the cartoons a major international issue: “We want to internationalize this issue so that the Danish government will realize that the cartoons were insulting, not only to Muslims in Denmark, but also to Muslims worldwide,” Abu Laban said. He has earlier tried to implement sharia practices in Denmark. In one prominent case, two men were killed in a row involving a group of second generation immigrants in Copenhagen. According to Imam Abu Laban the thirst for revenge could be cooled if 200,000 kroner in “blood money” were paid to the victims’ families. The 200,000 Danish kroner is approximately the value of 100 camels, the stipulated sharia price for a Muslim man’s life.

Meanwhile, there is growing fear amongst politicians that the immigrant environment in the Nørrebro area in Copenhagen, which has been unofficially declared an “Islamic state” by some of its residents, is developing into a parallel society where ancient traditions threaten Danish law. Professor of Islamic studies Mehdi Mozaffari tells of how he and thousands of others have fled burkas, sharia, blood money, muftis and Islamism in the Middle East, only to witness the same beast rear its ugly head in Europe. And he warns of the consequences: “Historical experience has shown that those whom people fear will win, eventually. We saw this in Nazi Germany. There were too many Nazis, and people were scared. I fear that this is where we are heading, once more.”

The most immediate victims of this climate of fear are Muslim women. A Pakistani man in Denmark recently murdered his sister in the street outside a train station because she had married a man against her family’s orders. Meanwhile, Muslims in Denmark do not hesitate to exercise their right to free speech. In 2004 a leading Danish mufti said that Danish women not wearing the veil “were asking for rape,” a comment seemingly less offensive to the Muslim community than a few cartoons. The twelve Muhammad cartoonists now live underground and with police protection.

In Norway Bruce Bawer, the author of the recent book While Europe Slept, tells on his website of the capitulation of Velbjørn Selbekk, the editor of the tiny Christian periodical Magazinet – the first publication to reprint the now famous Muhammed cartoons. He had firmly resisted pressure by Muslim extremists (who made death threats) and by the Norwegian establishment. But then Norway’s Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion hastily called a press conference at a major government office building in Oslo. There Selbekk issued an abject apology for reprinting the cartoons. At his side, accepting his act of contrition on behalf of 46 Muslim organizations and asking that all threats now be withdrawn, was Mohammed Hamdan, head of Norway’s Islamic Council. In attendance were members of the Norwegian cabinet and the largest assemblage of imams in Norway’s history. It was a picture right out of a sharia courtroom, with the Muslim leader declaring Selbekk to be henceforth under his protection.

Two representatives from the Islamic Council for Norway and a senior pastor representing Oslo’s bishop then visited Qatar, where they were to meet the top Muslim leader Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi. The trip, partially funded by the Norwegian authorities, was a public relations effort on the part of Norway, which had suddenly found itself the target of Muslim outrage because the cartoons that originated in Denmark were reprinted in a Norwegian publication. Qaradawi has supported suicide bombings, and has publicly bragged about how “Islam will conquer Europe.” The “moderate” Sheikh Qaradawi was not satisfied with the apology from the Norwegian editor who printed the Muhammad cartoons. He wanted to dictate that Norway adopt Islamic blasphemy laws. Qaradawi’s website IslamOnline later claimed that Norway agreed to do this, which is totally untrue. Local Muslims led by the lawyer Abid Q. Raja, however, have pushed for such an option: “The point is not to restrict freedom of speech but to give it direction so that weak groups do not feel insulted or mocked. If we do nothing the differences within Norwegian society will increase in the future.”

Mullah Krekar, the former leader of the Islamic terror group Ansar al-Islam, still lives in Norway, even though he has pretty much openly threatened the country with terror attacks and has called Osama bin Laden “the jewel of Islam.” At the same time, Krekar denies he is a threat to national security in Norway. “I only know five streets in Oslo,” he said. “How can I be a threat?” He has written a book about himself, which was published by a man called William Nygaard, who was shot at and almost killed in the early 90s for having published the Norwegian translation of Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses. A Norwegian NGO called the Freedom of Expression Fund supports the translation and publication of bin Laden’s speeches.

Meanwhile the Norwegian translation of Oriana Fallaci’s latest book remains unpublished in Norway, even though her two previous books about Islam and the West sold in large numbers. FOMI, a Norwegian anti-Islamic website, was recently charged with “racism and spreading Islamophobia” for translating an article from Frontpage Magazine, with comments, about a Muslim rape wave in the West. The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in just over twenty years, parallel with Muslim immigration.

In 2005 Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament, passed a new Discrimination Act. The act says in pretty clear words that in cases of suspected direct or indirect discrimination based on religion or ethnicity, native Norwegians are guilty until proven otherwise. The immigration spokesman for the right-wing Progress Party, Per Sandberg, feared that the law would jeopardize the rights of ordinary, law-abiding Norwegian citizens. Reverse burden of proof is combined with liability to pay compensation, which means that innocent persons risk having to pay huge sums for things they did not do. In 2005 the Norwegian police issued a mobile security alarm to Progress Party leader Carl I. Hagen. Hagen had criticized Islam, and could see no similarity with the concept of morality and justice found in Christianity. Hagen also said that if Israel loses in the Middle East, Europe will succumb to Islam next. He feels that Christians should support Israel and oppose Islamic inroads into Europe. In an unprecedented step, a group of Muslim ambassadors to Norway blasted Carl I. Hagen in a letter to the newspaper Aftenposten, claiming that he had offended 1.3 billion Muslims around the world. Other Norwegian politicians quickly caved in and condemned Hagen.

Unidentified assailants fired shots at an Oslo restaurant owned by the family of a Pakistani-born female comedienne who has achieved prominence for lampooning conservative Islam. The comedienne, Shabana Rehman, described the incident as “an appalling act of terror” and said it would not deter her from continuing her work. Samira Munir, a Norwegian politician of Pakistani origin, was found dead under suspicious circumstances at a train station outside Oslo in November 2005. She had received death threats many times from the Pakistani community in Norway because of her courageous fight for the rights of Muslim immigrant women, and for banning hijab, the Islamic veil. The leader of the Socialist Left party and now Norway’s Minister of Finance, Kristin Halvorsen, praised all the “blood, sweat and tears Pakistanis in Norway have spent on building the country” when she started the party’s election campaign in the Pakistani countryside in 2005.

If the reaction of the Norwegian authorities to the cartoon case has been weak, that of the Swedish government has been downright appalling. The ruling Social Democratic party went to the drastic length of closing down the website of a competing political party that featured a Muhammad cartoon online. Sweden, an extremely authoritarian country, has national elections this year. Probably no other Western nation has more problems with, yet less debate about Muslim immigration than Sweden, and the only thing the elites are doing about this is demonizing neighboring Denmark for “xenophobia.” The Swedish security services (Säpo), in collusion with Foreign Minister Leila Freivalds, forced the website SD-Kuriren offline for publishing the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. SD-Kuriren is the house publication of the hard-right Swedish Democrats. Freivalds stated that “it is terrible that a small group of extremists are exposing Swedes to danger [by reprinting the cartoons].” The party’s secretary, Björn Söder, says the site has been reopened by moving it to another server, although the pictures of Muhammad have been removed. The Sweden Democrats and SD-Kuriren received threats after the publication of the pictures. Violent assaults and life threatening attacks against members of the Swedish Democrats, by Muslims or “anti-Fascists,” have taken place many times, but are rarely mentioned in the media. No dissent is tolerated in Sweden.

Jonathan Friedman is a New York Jew, now living with his Swedish wife in the southern Swedish city of Malmö where he teaches socio-anthropology. According to him, “no debate about immigration policies is possible, the subject is simply avoided. Sweden has such a close connection between the various powerful groups, politicians, journalists, etc. The political class is closed, isolated.” Friedman thinks circumstances in Sweden are special also because Sweden has a long tradition of maintaining a correct surface. Two Swedish girls were sent home from school for wearing sweaters showing a tiny Swedish flag. The headmaster was concerned that this might be deemed offensive by some immigrants. Helle Klein, political editor of the newspaper Aftonbladet, boasts: “If the debate is going to be about whether there are problems with immigrants, we don’t want it.” Hans Bergström, former editor-in-chief of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, worries that Sweden has become “a one-party state.”

In a sermon at Filadelfia church in Stockholm in March 2005 the Norwegian celebrity evangelist preacher Runar Søgaard, repeated his declaration that Muhammad was “a confused pedophile” since his wives included a girl aged nine years old. Søgaard was placed under police protection after receiving death threats. The sermon triggered fears of a religious war in Sweden. Muslim radicals posted a very explicit threat to launch a wave of terrorist attacks against Sweden for the “insult.” In February 2005 a Swedish museum removed an erotic painting plastered with verses from the Koran from an exhibition about AIDS. Some vocal members of the Muslim community launched a letter-writing campaign that resulted in hundreds of e-mails, among them messages along the lines of “remember what happened in Holland.” The museum, however, insisted that the “threats” it received had nothing to do with the removal of the work. At the same time, the Swedish historian of religion Matthias Gardell claims that Islamophobia is perhaps the greatest threat to democracy in the Western world today. The Swedish writer and leftist intellectual Jan Guillou has stated that the rhetoric employed by the Nazis against Jews is now used to target Muslims. In Sweden an anti-Semitic crime is reported to the police once every three days. The Jewish congregations in the major cities of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö are forced to spend up to 25 percent of their membership fees on security and hired guards. Most of these hate crimes are perpetrated by Muslims.

Just as the country is in the midst of the worst crime wave in modern history, with a desperately underfunded police force, the Swedish Social Democrats have announced that cheaper public dental care would be a major issue in this year’s election campaigns. There could hardly be a better symbol of Europe’s love affair with the welfare state and “social security” in an age where physical security is rapidly disappearing through runaway Muslim immigration. “Eurabia: You may get your teeth kicked in, but at least you have cheap dental care” could become the slogan for the entire continent.

Scandinavians, too, were once involved in blood feuds and fanaticism. That time is called the Viking Age, and we left it behind a thousand years ago, as Muslims should have done. We have no particular urge to return to being a primitive tribal society. Yet too many of our “new countrymen” seem to insist on bringing one into our living room. They might get their way. Perhaps, in reaction to the pressures from Muslims, native Scandinavians will “rediscover their inner barbarian” and history will go full circle: from tribalism to cappuccino and back again. Who knows, if Arnold Schwarzenegger fails to get re-elected as Governor of California he may like to do a sequel to “Conan the Barbarian?” He could shoot it in Malmö, Sweden, which is set to become the first major Scandinavian city with a Muslim majority. Chances are he’d be surprised at how well he fits in.

HT: Sugiero.

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Women’s rights: a roundup of news

Reviewing some notes I had on this subject for the past days I think I have to write upon the last news on this subject. I am surprised to find an interview titled ‘That Muslim woman could be happier than you…’ about a liberal woman who converted to Islam. I had copied here extracts from the interview but the comments the author has made are worth reading.

Once she was a party-loving student; then Na’ima B Robert converted to Islam. But how did she become so convinced of the benefits of wearing Islamic dress that she now covers herself from head to foot and has written a book extolling its virtues? Bryony Gordon meets her.

[…] The she went to Egypt and everything changed. While she was there, she couldn’t stop noticing the women in hijab (headscarves) and she was appalled. She could not understand why they allowed themselves to be so dominated by men; couldn’t fathom why they wouldn’t want to show themselves off. When she eventually asked a woman in hijab why she wore it, she was told simply: “Because I want to be judged for what I say and what I do, not for what I look like.”
[…]A good example of the misconceptions we have about Muslim women is believing that they are all helpless, potential victims of an honour killing. But as Na’ima points out, “honour killings are a pre-Islamic thing, a cultural thing that is filtered down through the generations. But for those of us who have learnt pure Islam from the Koran and the scholars, it’s appalling.”
[…]I admire Na’ima’s reasons for wearing the jilbab, but I wonder if her faith dresses women in these garments for the same reasons. She says that Islam teaches equality between the sexes – why then do men not have to cover?
“I think that equality should not be equated with sameness. Islamically we are equal but we are not the same. We have qualities that men don’t have and men…” She pauses. “I’m not going to say this next bit.” Why not, if it is what she believes in?
“Because I don’t want the feminists on my back. But basically men have things that women don’t. They have physical strength and are the father of the children and these types of things. Men and women have different qualities and Islam recognises that and again everything has its context.”

Just today, as if to defy this woman’s conceptions, we know that a man has being jailed for beating his daughter:

A court in Kristiansand, southern Norway, has sentenced a man to 120 days in jail for beating his teenage daughter with straps and a metal rod. The beatings were sparked by her admission that she no longer was a virgin. The 49-year-old man, who emigrated to Norway from Iraq, claimed he’d done nothing wrong. He told the court that he was “much kinder” than many other fathers from his culture would have been. He claimed most other men would have killed the girl, instead of “just beating her.”
[…] He told the court that he regrets bringing his family to Norway, because he believes the country is much less conservative than he had thought it was.

See Sugiero’s post at Eurabian News.

This last week we have been informed that domestic violence is on the rise among American Muslim women:

WASHINGTON: Twenty percent of Muslim women in America are subjected to domestic violence, according to a new survey. The Council for Muslim Women, according to a report in an Urdu newspaper published in New York, says that the divorce rate is on the increase and more than 20 percent of women are subjected to mental abuse.
A commentary in the weekly newspaper ‘Pakistan News’ by Faiq Siddiqi points out that Pakistani women suffer rebuke and mistreatment from early childhood and most husbands are always admonishing their wives.
They hold them responsible for disappointments that they, the husbands, suffer and attribute their failures to those of their wives. If the wife reacts, she is threatened with divorce. A large number of Pakistani and Muslim men, who otherwise go to the mosque five times a day, show no sign of any softening in their behaviour towards their women. When they return home, “they call out to their wives as if they were the inmates of a jail, not a family home”.
They also suspect their wives of errant behaviour, he said. If the wife puts at them any questions that they do not like, they accuse her of disobedience and warn her “of the fires of hell” that await her in the hereafter.

But as the Iraqi father jailed for beating his daughter, the problem is that they are not sufficiently integrated in their new countries and continue “traditions” imported from their countries of origin: PAKISTAN: Figures on women victims speak for themselves

LAHORE: Abuse of women is rampant in male chauvinistic Pakistani society, evident from violence against women such as murder, rape, torture, killing in the name of Karo Kari, abduction, police torture, suicide, trafficking and burning that have increased enormously.
This was disclosed in a report compiled by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) Madadgaar. The report said that women were not only subjected to financial discrimination but were also victims of inhuman customs and discriminatory laws. The ratio of abusing women physically and sexually increased more than three times as there were 4769 reported cases in 2005 compared to 1397 reported cases in 2004, the report said.
The provincial break-up of data compiled by Madadgaar reveals that Punjab reported 2912 cases, Sindh had a count of 1245 cases, 457 cases were reported in NWFP and 155 cases were reported in Balochistan. Madadgaar research disclosed that 2001 women were attacked in their own houses and 681 in the homes of the assailants’.
Madadgaar’s report revealed that domestic violence was a very serious problem in Pakistan. 719 cases were reported against victims’ own husbands, 41 cases against ex-husbands and 80 cases against in-laws. Ms Amina Mazhar, deputy programme coordinator of Madadgaar said, “The key challenge is to gradually ensure that these crimes are made socially unacceptable and counter to community norms”. She urged the Government of Pakistan to promote women’s empowerment and to ensure equal participation in all circles of life.

Looks like the Gang rape case of Mukhtar Mai has only draw more attention for the victims but things have not changed very much for them.

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani gang rape victim’s quest for justice won plaudits at home and abroad but four years after the attack little has changed for women in a region where so-called honour killings and punishments remain common.
Mukhtaran Mai, 33, was brutally raped on the orders of a tribal council in her remote Punjabi village in 2002 as punishment for her brother’s alleged affair with a woman from a powerful local clan. Staying silent is the safest course for most women subjected to rape, violence and sometimes murder in Pakistan and the rest of South Asia by male relatives or neighbours who accuse them of bringing shame on their families. Mai refused. Six men were sentenced to death in August 2002 after she testified, and then last year she got the Supreme Court to reverse the earlier acquittals on five of them by a lower appeals court. Justice prevails? Not according to Kamila Hyat, of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). “I don’t think things here have changed,” Hyat told AFP. “What her case has done is to draw more attention to rape victims in Pakistan and their plight. But the feudal system which made the case happen is still there,” she said.
Violence against women in Pakistan remained “rampant” in 2005, New York-based Human Rights Watch said in its annual report, while the HRCP said there were at least 800 rapes and gang-rapes recorded in Pakistan in 2004.
Hyat said that laws to protect women were not being enforced and that not enough has been done to change Pakistan’s parallel Islamic justice system, under which women who can’t prove they were raped face the prospect of an adultery conviction. “Word needs to come from the top that such crimes against women will not be tolerated,” she added.
However, Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf ‘the man at the top’ showed his views by banning Mai from going to address a rights group in the United States last year. Shortly afterwards he suggested to a US newspaper that some women viewed being raped as a “money making” concern and an easy way to get a foreign visa.

But not only Pakistani women are subject to abuses. The daughter of former Malaysian Primer Minister Mahatir Mohamad, and a Muslim herself, has warned against the growing form of apartheid women are suffering in her country:

Muslim women in Malaysia are being discriminated against so severely that they face a “growing form of apartheid”, the daughter of the former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, a prominent social activist, has claimed.
Marina Mahathir, a Muslim herself, yesterday wrote in the Star newspaper: “Non-Muslim Malaysian women have benefited from more progressive laws over the years while the opposite has happened for Muslim women.” Polygamy is allowed for Muslims but banned for non-Muslims, she pointed out, and under Islamic family law the father is the primary guardian of the children of a marriage, while for others guardianship is shared.
Marina Mahathir’s article was so sensitive that it was delayed for two days, with the paper claiming at one point that the relevant editor was “too busy” to deal with it.

Lastly, we have to speak about Iran arresting International Women’s Day demonstrators

Tehran, Iran, Mar. 08 – Hundreds of women gathered Wednesday afternoon in Tehran’s Laleh Park and took part in a demonstration against the Iranian government on the occasion of International Women’s Day, according to eye-witnesses. The security forces, which had been on alert to enforce a ban on all gatherings, quickly moved in and within minutes arrested several dozen women, an eye-witness told Iran Focus. Several women were arrested while taking photographs or filming the demonstration.
The female protestors, who were joined by a number of men supporting their cause, continued to resist attempts by the security agents and the undercover security forces, according to the report. Many carried placards reading “Women demand freedom and equality” and “End censorship”. Bystanders came to the aid of the women, some of whom were badly beaten by the agents of the security forces
For some photos about this demonstration, see Free Thoughts. You can see also Publius Pundit, where they tell us: Several female demonstrators and a well known poet, Simin Behbahani, were injured due to the brutality used by Islamist Militiamen using clubs and chains. Several demonstrators were seen laying on the ground with broken noses, hands or legs while other were screaming and/or shouting slogans against the theocratic regime.


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