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The Egyptian counter-attack to the cartoons

I read it at Rantings of a Sandmonkey.

The Syndicate of Egyptian cartoonists decided that they would respond to the danish cartoons by making their own cartoons on what happend. They were done in order to- and I quote- " as a response to those who fell under the thrall of racism, forgery and crime", and were printed in a 2 page spread in Al Fagr newspaper, probably as a way to redeem the fact that they were the ones who first published the danish cartoons last October.

Of all of them I am going to post only the 2 which are the most "extraordinary" from my point of view.

The number one (above) depicts a Western man that represents the EU, hurting a defenseless Arab with a pencil.

And of course the Anti-Semitism has also a place in this collection:

This one is showing a pig drawing the cartoon while saying saracsticly: "What is it? What's wrong? You never heard of something called Freedom of Expression? Hahahahahahaha". Please note the star of david hanging on the wall behind him.

You can see more at Sandmonkey's blog.


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Throwing stones at girls dressed “too sexy”: Sharia in France.

German schoolgirls came for a scholar exchange to Saine-Saint-Denis. But to the eyes of the “jeunes” of the neighborhood (“young people”, another expression to designate people coming from immigration, copyright political correctness) they were dressed a little bit too “sexy”. The gang of “jeunes” therefore started to throw them stones.

The “jeunes” stones throwers reproached them to dress in a shocking way, and especially to wear skirts. Interviewed by the journalist, some Arabic girls spoke of provocation :

This is our neighborhood, this is the 9-3” (read nine-three).

“We don’t want them to come in our neighborhood dressed like bitches”.

Source : France-Echos, le blog in English.

Hmm, where were the policemen, "les gendarmes"? What would have happened if these girls would have been badly hurt? I am amazed at these kind of news…

(The cartoon says:

-you also have been in a Muslim country, haven't you?

-ehh, No, just in France!)


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Imams in black


A little bit of humour from


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