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The vote, the Communist and the apostates (UPDATED)

Drinking From Home: Italy: Muslims told to vote Communist

Rome, 5 April (AKI) – The secretary general of Italy’s largest Muslim organisation, the Union of Islamic communities in Italy (UCOII), has called on Italian Muslims to vote for the Party of Italian Communists at the general election… The leader of UCOII said that [the Communist leader] Diliberto’s willingness to accommodate the needs of the Muslim community was a good reason to vote for his party…

This reminds me of something I read the other day at NUEVO DIGITAL, an Spanish on-line newspaper about the United Left (Izquierda Unida in Spanish):

The Andalusian MP from Cordoba, José Manuel Mariscal, has joined the petition of the Islamic Council to open the Cordoba’s Cathedral to Muslim rites and has presented a proposition to let the controlled prayer of all religions in that Cathedral.
[…] His proposition also includes the consitutition of an adress to study, inside the Culture’s Commission, to promote the meeting of civilizations, According to Mariscal, this address will serve to “listen the worries of the different cultures that live in Andalusia or are part of its history, and those of the UNESCO and its homologue in the Arab countries, the ISESCO, and to propose measures to the Analusian Governement to promote the meeting of civilizations”.
Mariscal accused several MSM of promoting “a long-term campaign of islamophobia, that are rejecting the presence of Muslims in several cities and in protests against the opening of mosques, with the risk to push a great sector of inhabitants into marginality”-

Well, those protests against the opening of Mosques, are held mainly in Seville. A city where they are going to buid a magnificent mosque in a public soil with swimming pool, library, etc., inside it … in a community where they were demanding those services for long. Some time ago, they had a web page, titled, “Mezquita, no gracias” (Mosque, no thanks), but now it has dissappeared.

Afterwards they denied they were going to ask it:

Mariscal said that his intention, when he spoke about his initiative that was going to adopt IU (United Left), “was to throw an idea, that, as facts have shown, gives rise to a public debate, having as objective the promotion of understanding and the solidarity between religions, the mixture and the cooperation, and this goal is mantained in the proposition that we will take to the Andalusian Parliament”.
So it is not going to include the petition to the managing council of the Cathedral (Cabildo Catedralicio de Córdoba, which depends from the Archbishop) to study the possibility to let in a controlled manner all kind of prayers in that space”.

This last thing is very grave. The next news are hilarious. This same political party is intending to regulate the apostasy from the Catholic Church with all guaratees. BUT they have said NOTHING abouth Abdul Rahman, and of course, no one has critisized Afghanistan for his process (or Spanish Muslim for not commenting on this issue).

By the way, as I am not blogging very much these days, I have to say that Adbul Rahman is peacefully installed in Italy and that he has been given asylum in Italy. The Italians should be very proud of their Governement for this action. Liberale per Israele, . As a result the Talibans have threatened with carrying Jihad attacks, the President Hamid Karzai, as culprit for not having put obstacles to the foreing meddling in the country politics. According to the fundamentalistic movement, the case of the Afghan convert to Christianity has proved that Karzai is a puppet in the hands of foreigners. (via No-Way).

UPDATE: Reading A New Dark Age is Dawning, I find this piece of news:

An Afghan man who could have faced the death penalty for becoming a
Christian has said he would probably have been killed had he remained
in Afghanistan.

Speaking to journalists in Italy, where he has
been given asylum, Abdul Rahman, 41, thanked Pope Benedict XVI for
leading the campaign to have him freed.

He said he never wanted to return to Afghanistan and was concerned for the safety of his family there.

Afghan MPs have condemned his release and said he should have not have left

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