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The new source of Muslim outrage

It's a song sang by these four Chechen girls, titled "Eastern Fairy Tale". The lyrics of this song run: "Do you want to be my fourth wife? Yeah, if you are my sixth husband". In the video, a boy asks the question and the group leader just answers.

And there comes the real problem: the President of the Russian Islamic Comitee, Gaydar Dzhemal, has declared that the video is inmoral, because the "girls appear [in the video] as Muslims [he says Middle East Women] and because of that, they have ofended to all Muslim women by spreading the offensive idea that is possible to have more than one husband".

A Chechen singer (that is, Muslim Chechen singer) has declared also that the video is offensive to Muslim sensibility and has caused a lot of "anguish and uneasiness".

Translated from Eurabian News

Where is the sense of humour of a very important part of the Muslims that has been lost in so distant places that they cannot reach for it? It's a SONG, for God's sake….



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