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Spain and pacifism

I get totally mad about what is called “pacifism”, that has nothing to do with wanting real peace based on justice.

Spanish President, Mr Zapatero, that opposed so fiercely to the Iraq war, calling it a “illegitimate, unjust and illegal”, has now sold some warplanes and warships to Venezuela, even when some of the parts of it are patented to USA and the US Senate did not allow him to do it. Chavez is just a wanna-be dictator, who each day is near his objectiv. Not only it has brought the poverty to Venezuela, as this blog shows, or is in a pre-war state with Colombia, but has very good relations with Jatami and Iran.

Not only that: we know now that Spain has ships in Iraq war, under the command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier (sorry is in Spanish), is intending to finish off the Army and his governement has mistreated Spanish soldiers. Mr Bono, his Defense Minister has told, that he preferred to be killed, instead of killing and that “he had told Spanish soldiers not to fire the escaped prisoners. Gorgeous, aren’t they?
Iran, that peaceful country. Yesterday, I learned that they are training the Chechens rebels to carry on more effective attacks against Russian forces, circumstance that has not restrained Russia from continuing the building of the nuclear plan in Isfahan.

As a result and knowing that the Summit of the Civilizations Alliance Summit fail even to define terrorism, Khatami has said this words:

Mohammed Khatami, former president of Iran and promoter of the “Alliance of Civilizations,” yesterday expressed his concern “for the Islamophobia that the West suffers from,” and added, “The Muslim world is more than ever at the mercy of Western attacks.” Khatami made his statements at a closed session of more than 20 representatives of the United Nations’ High Level Group on the Alliance of Civilizations, a brainstorm of Spanish prime minister Zapatero. During the meeting, Khatami stressed “the need for all intellectuals to work in order to dissipate this erroneous conception. Terrorism does not distinguish between Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and they all should unite in order to eliminate the roots of this evil.” Said Khatami, “Terrorism not only has nothing to do with Islam, but is opposed to the fundamental principles of that religion, which is divine, peaceful, and humanitarian.” He acknowledged that Western civilization has made achievements, “many of which it owes to Islam,” and added that “the deprivations caused by the West to the rest of the world has reinforced in these societies the impression that Westerners accept no one but themselves.” The 20 “experts” designated by Kofi Annan met in Mallorca at the first Alliance of Civilizations meeting, which is merely the first of several which should culminate in the second half of 2006 with a report proposing concrete measures for the Alliance.

As I said, they are trying to modify the past so they can build a future Universal Dictatorshiop, The Caliphate, that has nothing to do with extremism and nobody should be frightened about.

Lastly, a Spanish judge has accused 4 of the persons detained belonging to a cell that aided both financially and logistically to the Salafist Group for the Preaching and the Combat, linked to Al-Qaeda, of trying to buy without success in Granada Goma-” explosive paying with hashisch. In a recorded conversations they said they also wanted to buy “red mercury”, a highly radioactive substance. The islamists detained in 2004 in Barcelona also spoke about the red mercury in their statements.

(And then Mr Zapatero says he’s bored).


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And lastly, Turkey

Today there’s a country:

….whose Governement is occupied by an Islamist party that only renounced to pass a law in which the women that committed adultery were going to be punished, because then it wouldn’t enter the European Union.

…in which a 37% of its inhabitants support the honour murders, 25%, the divorce from the unfaithful women, and 27%, that their nose or ears should be cut off.

… a country in which the only book which has more sales than the Mein Kampf of Hitler, is a novel in which, after a hipothetic American conquer of Turkey, a Turk hero produces a nuclear holocaust in Washington DC.

…a country who has intended, with some of other Muslim countries, to press Denmark to condemn a journal for having published some Mohammed’s drawings.

…a country that is financing Islamic Universities in which all women are obliged to use the hijab, even if they are not Islamic.

…a country in which the religious freedom is not protected if you are not a Muslim.

In this very moment.

But this is the same country that wants Spain to ask for forgiveness because of the murders of Andalusian Muslims

Some intelectuals, whose positions are near the Turkish Government, as the British author Andrew Mango, regret in the Turk media that the european Union made Turkey explicitly condemn the Armenian genocide while nobody “asked Spain when it entered the European Union why you killed the Andalusian Muslims?”
(It’s curious: he doesn’t mention anything about the Alpujarras and the Muslim Plans to take over Spain over to Muslim control).

Important Spanish bureaucrats, like the Economy and Commerce Subsecretary, praise a potential competitor of Spain, as Turkey is, of which they mention the oprtunities that Ankara can offer to foreign firms because of its strategic location, its preferential treaties with European Union and the dimension of its interior market. These expressions are sufficiently amplified by the media and the Turk officials in the permanent and aggresive activity of public relations of Turkey in its intention to access the European Union and the great international money fluxes.
(how many dhimmies in the Government, it’s disgusting…)

Moreover, in the ASIATIC country large historic summaries are being broadcasted where they describe Muslim Spain as a cultivated and peaceful resort which was followed by a disastrous “Reconquista” (in Spanish in the original in English version), while the later fight between Spain and the Ottoman Empire is told in revisionist terms from the official History. For example, the large file of Yasemin Dobra-Manço to justify and praise the Civilization’s Alliance underlines how after the political Muslim decline (that followed the “Reconquista” a less tolerant Cristian Spain was created, while the Jews began to live in the Ottoman Empire, where they found hope and secutiry”, and the Spanish Nation fought Lepanto, frightened because of Islam and the Ottomans because Islam is a superior source of intelectual culture, while asking for new studies to find the real historic dimension, against the official version of the Turk expansionism to the gates of Vienna or the Mediterrenean Spanish Beaches.
(The Jews, hmm, in a country in which the “Mein Kampf” is a best-seller, they cannot think themselves as defendants of the Jews. And before someone asks me, I am against the expulsion of the Jews made by Spain, but that was 500 years ago, while the antisemitism is existing just now in Turkey).
The file that will show up the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the Civilization’s Alliance’s Meeting, has been prepared by his Party -of Muslim inspiration- following the orders of the Directory of Religious Affairs of the State Ministry, that has a confusing and disorganized mixture of religious, political and state competences. Their conclusions are very virulent in accusating the media, that do not condemn the “crimes” comitted against Muslims resident in Europe while qualifying themselves as “potential terrorists”. The conclusion is very clear: “Muslims that live in Europe face daily more aggresive reactions in their normal lives, having to fight desaggreable behaviours based in their religion“.

Yes, you have read it correctly. We are treating them badly. And just as other liars in History, they want people NOT to know real history, just in case, someone contradicts them with data. And then, you are commiting “crimes” against them. Like all fascists and lovers of dictatorships, the truth is not welcome when talking to them.


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