Afghan hijackers released want to “contribute to English society”

Some days ago I wrote about some Afghan hijackers of an English plane, who were granted asylum. Ejem, they say they are educated people and that they want to contribute to UK society. Let’s say they have not began well:

BBC NEWS | UK | Afghan hijackers ‘not spongers’

The group of Afghan hijackers granted permission by the High Court to stay in the UK say they are educated people who do not want to “sponge” off the state. In a statement, the nine asylum seekers said they were desperate to be allowed to work and contribute to UK society. They also apologised to passengers on the flight they hijacked to Stansted in 2000, for the fear they had caused.
Tony Blair has said the decision not to return the men to Afghanistan is “an abuse of common sense”. Six years ago the men hijacked an Ariana Boeing 727 that was on an internal flight in Afghanistan, saying they were escaping the Taleban.
They forced the plane to fly to Stansted airport, in Essex, which led to a four day stand-off and eventually asylum applications by 78 people on board. “We do realise that for the other people on that plane the hijack was terrifying and we regret causing such fear in the hearts of others,” the nine men said in the statement issued through a west London law centre. “But we did it because we were desperate and we did not believe we could all get away safely in any other way,” We want people to realise that we understand the shock and even outrage against us and what we did
Brothers Ali and Mohammed Safi were jailed along with Abdul Shohab, Taimur Shah, Nazamuddin Mohammidy, Abdul Ghayur, Mohammed Kazin, Mohammed Showaib and Reshad Ahmadi in 2001. Appeal judges quashed their convictions in May 2003 but insisted that their decision was “not a charter for future hijackers”.

Oh, no, I’m sure of that…



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2 responses to “Afghan hijackers released want to “contribute to English society”

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    Welcome to BLAIRS ruined Britain he is an insult to common sense and an insult to every Briton i detest him and all his marxist supporting government.
    George Orwell was certainly a prophet of things to come, not that i only blame Blair it’s the whole lot of those dhimmis in Londonistan.
    Between them, this now is an unhinged country the red and black alliance has wrecked the lives of the population eventually the realisation will hit them and when it does i’d rather be dead.
    Borders are wide open, illegals roam the streets,
    gun crime once a rareity is now becoming common place the rape stats are sky high as are the one’s across europe.
    Our troops in iraq for what? they say democracy yet here every day our’s dies a little more.
    Blair rushes to the airport whenever a dead soldier returns to his or her home with his head bowed in respect….Not. his head bows to muslims the one’s killing our lads and lasses.
    New labour ARE just a bunch of bloody cultural marxists handing my country over to islam that evil death cult then he tells us all, islam means peace. like WMDS WERE IN IRAQ
    EX MARXIST REID IF YOU BELIEVE IN EX WHICH I DON’T. a cabinet with dashings of ex communists ….so why am i surprised we have adopted karl marx’s ideology, p.c multiculturalism cultural marxism all three exactly the same. but pc sounds so completely without harm if only people knew that they support MARXISM!

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