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Another pro-terrorism film: V for Vendetta

From the Counterterrorism Blog:

What are the Warner Brothers studio and parent company Time Warner thinking? They’ve released a movie, “V for Vendetta,” that is simply a pro-terrorism movie. Sure, it hides behind an attractive theme of “revolution” against a totalitarian government, but the methods it promotes are right out of the Al Qaeda 9-11 attack handbook by blowing up London landmarks and justifying it as resistance: “Blowing up a building can change the world.” The fact that this movie is also anti-Christian, with a modified cricifix employed as the symbol of the government, only adds to my distaste and my disappointment in TW.
I wrote on February 3 that Hollywood doesn’t get it when it come to terrorism, citing “Syriana,” “Valley of the Wolves Iraq,” and “Munich.” And on January 23 we posted comments from a homicide victims’ father about the legitimization of the bombers in “Paradise Now.” At least we have Universal Studios finishing “Flight 93” about the heroes who fought to keep the fourth hijacked plane from hitting its intended target on 9-11. Since I wrote that post, I’ve received some positive comments about the efforts made in that movie to “get it right,” so I look forward to seeing perhaps ONE in-theater movie this year in which terrorists are not glorified or the U.S. is not “the enemy.” As for “Vendetta,” I hope audiences engage in one against TW and Warner Brothers by not seeing the movie.

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A movie about Cindy (UPDATED)

The elected actress -although in negotiations still- is … Susan Sarandon. HT: Samizdata.

Well, yet another anti-West movie. Another film that I am not going to see. I am going to save a lot of money…

UPDATE: You can read a very good comment on this subject by Samantha Burns.

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