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The new source of Muslim outrage

It's a song sang by these four Chechen girls, titled "Eastern Fairy Tale". The lyrics of this song run: "Do you want to be my fourth wife? Yeah, if you are my sixth husband". In the video, a boy asks the question and the group leader just answers.

And there comes the real problem: the President of the Russian Islamic Comitee, Gaydar Dzhemal, has declared that the video is inmoral, because the "girls appear [in the video] as Muslims [he says Middle East Women] and because of that, they have ofended to all Muslim women by spreading the offensive idea that is possible to have more than one husband".

A Chechen singer (that is, Muslim Chechen singer) has declared also that the video is offensive to Muslim sensibility and has caused a lot of "anguish and uneasiness".

Translated from Eurabian News

Where is the sense of humour of a very important part of the Muslims that has been lost in so distant places that they cannot reach for it? It's a SONG, for God's sake….



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More about Russia and Saddam

The other day I wrote about Russia informing Saddam of US war-plans. Looks like the responsible for the leaks is the same Russian ambassador who was indicted in the Oil-For-Food scandal:

In that time the members of the sub-committee stated that they found the connections between the Russian companies and illegal dealings within the Oil-for-Food program.

The Senate investigators were able to put the hand on the letters signed by Zhirinovsky, where there was a discussion of oil purchase issues, and the documents of Iraqi Oil Ministry, where it said that leader of LDPR and his party are getting vouchers for the sale of the oil. In 1997 Zhirinovsky wrote a letter to Iraqi Ambassador in Russia, where he said that his party is firmly against the UN economic sanctions, and he promised to use all his political influence to persuade the Duma to widen the economical cooperation with Iraq, including the requests of the contracts in the program Oil-for-Food. American Senators think that this zeal brought Zhirinovsky $8.7 million.

HT: Gateway Pundit.

Of course, now the Russians are denying the leaks.(link in Spanish):

"Ya hemos recibido otras acusaciones similares y sin fundamento en torno al servicio de Inteligencia ruso", indicó el portavoz del servicio de Inteligencia Exterior, Boris Labusov. "No consideramos necesario hacer ningún comentario en torno a las acusaciones".


Translation: "We have received several other similar accusations without any basis about the Russian Intelligence service", said the speaker of the Foreign Intelligence service, Boris Ladunov, " We don't consider necessary to make any statement regarding those accusations".

Real translation: we were involved but we cannot say it loudly… 

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Russia provided Saddam with intelligence on US military moves

From BBC:

Russia provided Saddam Hussein with intelligence on US military moves in the opening days of the US-led invasion in 2003, a Pentagon report has said.

Russia passed the details through its Baghdad ambassador, the report said. Russia has not commented on the claim. One piece of intelligence passed on was false, and in fact helped a key US deception effort, the report concluded.

The report also quoted an Iraqi memo which mentioned Russian “sources” at the US military headquarters in Qatar. “The information that the Russians have collected from their sources inside the American Central Command in Doha is that the United States is convinced that occupying Iraqi cities are [sic] impossible,” said the Iraqi document, quoted by the Pentagon report.

Surprise attack

The false intelligence apparently passed on by Russia concerned the date the US was likely to start its main attack on Baghdad.A document from the Iraqi foreign minister to Saddam Hussein, dated 2 April 2003, and quoting Russian intelligence, said the attack would not begin until the Army’s 4th Infantry Division arrived about 15 April. This reinforced an impression that the US military were trying to create, in order to catch Iraqis by surprise with an earlier attack, the Pentagon report said.

[…]  The report also said Saddam Hussein’s inept military leadership was a key factor in the defeat of his forces. “The largest contributing factor to the complete defeat of Iraq’s military forces was the continued interference by Saddam (Hussein),” it said. The BBC’s Pentagon correspondent, Adam Brookes, says that overall the report portrays Saddam Hussein as chronically out of touch with reality – preoccupied with the prevention of domestic unrest and with the threat posed by Iran.

The 210-page report – Iraqi Perspectives Project – aims to help US officials understand in hindsight how the Iraqi military prepared for and fought during the invasion. There are both classified and unclassified versions of the report.

Russia, again.


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Chechnya starts demanding women wear headscarves

Reuters AlertNet

GROZNY, Russia, March 10 (Reuters) – The pro-Moscow Chechen government has started to demand that female state workers wear headscarves, women in the turbulent Muslim region said on Friday.
“I received a verbal warning that if I did not wear a headscarf, I would lose my job. I had to wear it the next day so as not to bring trouble on my head,” said one woman who works in the regional administration and asked not to be named.
A spokesman for the region’s new prime minister, Ramzan Kadyrov, who has pushed through a series of Islamic decrees, denied the headscarves were compulsory and said women were merely encouraged to cover their hair. But women used to the rough tactics of Kadyrov’s government, which is accused of mass abduction and torture in its hunt for separatist rebels, took the suggestion as law.
Kadyrov was appointed prime minister last week, but has effectively ruled the region since late 2005. He has cracked down on alcohol sales, banned gambling machines and barred Danish aid workers after the global uproar over Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.
At a meeting with students earlier this month, he unexpectedly gave nine young women who arrived with their hair covered $1,000 each — a vast sum in an impoverished region. “We want to return to the culture and beautiful traditions of the Chechen people. The headscarf is just part of this,” said a spokesman for Kadyrov. Analysts say Kadyrov may be pushing through Islamic decrees to try to steal support from the rebels, although his officials say he is simply doing his duty as a Muslim.


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