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Khamenei: our goal is to destroy Israel and the United States

Former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar said Tuesday that Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told him five years ago that “setting Israel on fire” was the first order of business on the Iranian agenda.

“He received me politely,” Aznar wrote in his notes following the meeting, “and at the beginning of the meeting he explained to me why Iran must declare war on Israel and the United States until they are completely destroyed. I made only one request of him: that he tell me the time of the planned attack.”

HT: Vital Perspectives.
Also in Eurabian News (Spanish).

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About Wafa Sultan

I am the first one who is sympathetic about Wafa Sultan and supports her, but Big Pharaoh makes a very good point: the fact that being a former Muslim discredits her for being listened by the Muslim people. It’s a pity someone so reasonable is not going to be listened simply because she thinks by herself and has stated what she really believes in. But… that is the way it is.

HT: Relapsed Catholic.

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About the capture of Zeevi’s murderers

I was thinking to write about this thing but seeing what All things Beautiful, Solomonia, Iris Blog and Gateway Pundit have written, I am only going to add that Israel acted adequately. Or perhaps the murderers of Zeevi, Israeli ex-minister of Transport, would have been awarded honorary palestinian citizenship. Very peaceful these Palestinians. Anyway, the EU is going to transfer $143 million to the PA.

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March 11th bombings: the judicial process

From La Razón:

The Nacional Audience’s Judge Juan del Olmo will conlude the Summary phase, and in the first days of April will issue the Processing Resolution that will determinate how many of the 116 presumably culprits of the attacks will be formally accused and carried before a Tribunal. According to legal sources, there were only be less than a third part of the originally accused, 116 persons. As a result, only 30 at the most, will be formally accused.

These are the ones actually in prison:

-Abdelmajid Bouchar: he escaped from the Leganes apartment when the Police surprised him, taking out the rubbish. “El Gamo” was detained in Serbia and extradited to Spain las november. Accused of 191 murders and 1.741 attempted ones.

– Jamal Zougam: From his Lavapies’ telephone booth business, the terrorists bought the mobile phone cards. The phones were used to explode the bombs. He was recognised as one of the terrorists that put the bombs in the trains, although he denies it. He was detained 2 days after the attacks (the first thing he asked was “Who has won the elections?). It’s considered one of the material authors of the attacks.

– Basel Ghalyoun: He was also recognised in a photo by two passengers, but afterwards they retracted, although the procsecutor said that maybe that was caused by his new haircut and his overweight. He is accused of 191 murders and 1.759 attempted ones. He is prison since March 24th 2004.

-José Emilio Suárez Trashorras: He supposedly gave the terrorists 210 kgs of dynamite Goma-2 Eco stolen from a mine in Asturias, material which was transported from Avilés to Madrid in no less than 3 trips by different persons. He is considered as a necessary cooperator (included the GEO -especial agent- happened in Leganes) and the Judge accuses him of 1.759 attempet murders. He is facing a petition of more than 20.000 years in prison (maximm time in prison in Spain is 40 years). he is prison since one week after the attacks.

– Rabei Osman «The Egyptian». Detained in June 2004, he is inprisonned in Italy since then. He named himself, in telephone conversations intervened by the Italian police, the “Madrid’s thread”. “That was my project, it cost me two years of study and patience”. His role as the “brain” is, 2 years after, has been drastically reduced.

-Rachid Aglif. One of the men who took part in the meeting in a Madrid’s “burger”, when the selling of the dynamite was planned between the gruop from Asturias and the terrorists. Detained in April 6th 2004.

– Rafa Zouhier: A Civil Guard’s Informer he is one presumably, of the people who integrate the Asturian plot, dedicated to give “The Chinese” the explosives used in the attacks. He says he told the Civil Guard a year befor the attacks that some Asturian people were trafficking with explosives to sell them in Madrid. In prison since March 19th 2004.

-Emilio Llano. Guardian of the Conchita Mine, from where the explosives where stolen. The judge accuses him of the lack of control in the vigilance of the explosives and detonators: “Not taking into account his obligation to control” he let that the explosives’ remainders were being sold in the black market. 3 miners have informed him before of the rob of three boxes.

– Antonio Toro. Brother-in-law of Suarez Trashorras, he met Zouhier in prison and then introduced them. The three of them were at the meeting where the plan to buy the explosives was made.

– Hamid Ahmidan. His fingerprints were at the Morata de Tajuña’s home where the bombs were prepared. In his home, false identity cards with the photo of his cousin, Jamal Ahmidan, one of the terrorists who committed suicide in Leganes. In prison since March 25th 2004.

-Otman El Gnaoui. He lived with Hamil Ahmidan, who solded him because of his disorganised life and because he did not read the Koram. He acknowledges he was a drug dealer, but denies being a terrorist. He is accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and necessary cooperator in the explosives transport. Detained on March 30th 2004.

-Mohannad Almallah Dabas. he is related with one of the material authors of the attacks, Basel Ghayoun. He was recruiting, with his brother Moutaz, young islamists which were later sent to another countries as “mujahidines” and who were indoctrinated in an appartment of the Virgen del Coro St. (MAdrid) where Serhane “The Tunisian” -another one of the terrorists who committed suicied in Leganes- also had been living.

-Soufiane Raifak. He belongs to the logistical group that searches and bought the explosives.

– Fouad El Morabit. He lived with Basel Ghalyoun. His fingerprints were also in the Morata de Tajuña’s house. He talked by phone before and after the attacks with some of the material attackers and one of them also stayed at his home. Serhane the Tunisian told him that he should leave Madrid inmediately because something very big was going to happen.

-Abdelilah El Fadoual. He had a very close relationship with Jamal Ahmidan and he supplied Ahmidan with drugs and false documents that have been decisive for his accusation. One month after March 11th, he bought to “The Chinese” the car who had made the trips to buy the explosives. In Prison since April 2004.

-Hassan El Haski. He may be one of the brains of the attacks. In prison since Dec. 21st 2004 as responsible of the planning of the attacks. His hostage was Attila Turk, who confessed afterwards that his group of Moroccans was the one who had carried out the attacks:.

– Yousef Belhadj: Apparently he is the terrorist who claimed the attacks were made by the Abu Hafs El Masri Brigades. He is considered as another possible “brain” of the attacks. The Judge believes he took part in the attacks with other “runaway” terrorists, such as his cousin Mohammed, who fleed on April 3rd 2004.

HT: Ciberterrorismo.

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UN: no consesus over the definition of terrorism

From the Counterterrorism blog:

The UN appears no closer to working out a consensus on a definition of terrorism – a key element holding up the adoption of new UN Comprehensive Anti Terrorism Convention – than it was at the start of this sixtieth session of the UN General Assembly last fall. Achieving a Comprehensive Anti Terrorism Treaty is one of the principal objectives set by heads of state attending this special anniversary session. Nevertheless, UN legal committee negotiators continue to wrangle over phrases that continue to convey major differences over the application and scope of the convention. The drafters, members of a working group of the UN General Assembly’s Sixth (Legal Affairs) Committee ended their week-long meeting March 3rd without even setting a new date to reconvene. All 191 UN members have a seat on the working group.

Following negotiations last summer, the Sixth Committee Working Group Coordinator put together a consolidated draft convention text for further consideration. Article 2 in that draft states:

1. Any person commits an offence within the meaning of the present Convention
if that person, by any means, unlawfully and intentionally, causes:
(a) Death or serious bodily injury to any person; or
(b) Serious damage to public or private property, including a place of public
use, a State or government facility, a public transportation system, an infrastructure
facility or to the environment; or
(c) Damage to property, places, facilities or systems referred to in paragraph
1 (b) of the present article resulting or likely to result in major economic loss;
when the purpose of the conduct, by its nature or context, is to intimidate a
population, or to compel a Government or an international organization to do or to
abstain from doing any act.
2. Any person also commits an offence if that person makes a credible and
serious threat to commit an offence as set forth in paragraph 1 of the present article.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference Countries (OIC) protested the consolidated draft stating that it prejudiced its position in the negotiations. The OIC, along with the Unaligned Group insist on additional language in the treaty that could be interpreted as exempting armed resistance groups involved in so-called “struggles against colonial domination and foreign occupation.” At the same time they want the convention to specifically cover the activities of regular armed forces, which, because they are covered by other humanitarian and Law of War Conventions, now fall outside the purview of the terrorism convention. (For more details on these issues see my October 25, 2005 Blog)

Read all: I repeat it: the OIC wants to exempt armed resistance groups “on struggles against colonial domination and foreig occupation” and to punish the regular armed forces. These countries are the same that signed an Islamic Human Rights Treaty, that do not apply the Human Rights all the other countries in the world -regardless their religion- apply and that are funding just now Hamas, that yesterday rejected (again) the two state-road map.

A Hamas spokesman in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) told AFP, the French news agency, that Hamas rejects the two-state Road Map. Assad Farhat said Hamas

considers the Road Map an “American Zionist program”, in response to a Russian Foreign Minister’s statement that Hamas has not turned down the Road Map.

Farhat said Hamas would only be willing to negotiate with Israel under the these conditions:

– “When Israel announces that it will retreat from the conquered territories of 1967
– releases the Palestinian [terrorist] prisoners
– stops its aggression against the Palestinian nation
– announces its willingness to solve the refugee problem [accepts the right of return of millions of Arabs into Israel

only then will we agree to negotiate.”

Arabian Dissent has a very good comment about these “conditions“.

Other blogs treating this issue: Noisy Room.Net, The Muslim Question.

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Some news about 9/11

From the Telegraph (India):

The Pakistan foreign office had paid tens of thousands of dollars to lobbyists in the US to get anti-Pakistan references dropped from the 9/11 inquiry commission report, The Friday Times has claimed.

The Pakistani weekly said its story is based on disclosures made by foreign service officials to the Public Accounts Committee at a secret meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday.

It claimed that some of the commission members were also bribed to prevent them from including damaging information about Pakistan.

The magazine said the PAC grilled officials in the presence of foreign secretary Riaz Mohammad Khan and special secretary Sher Afghan on the money paid to lobbyists.

“The disclosure sheds doubt on the integrity and honesty of the members of the 9/11 inquiry commission and, above all, the authenticity of the information in their final report,” it said.

(via Protein Wisdom).

Well, this is disgusting, although it is not a surprise, sadly. Pakistan is a US ally on the War on Terror where the anti-US sentiments are very important. So this can be a compensation to the Pakistani Government. Anyway, I think that even in that case the links should be known. What happened in 9/11 was so terrific, everything must be known.

Read the comments: they are worth it. And these links:

Pakistan is desending further and further into chaos.
Plus, the Pakistani public is hostile to America.

By the way, in The Java Report I read that they have identified the falling man of 9/11:

Five years after the horror of September 9, 2001, the falling man has finally been identified as Jonathan Briley, a 43-year-old who worked in a restaurant at the top of the north tower.

Over the years, his family has always assumed he perished in the building. Now, learning he had jumped is almost too much to bear.

His father, Alexander, a Baptist minister, has still not come to terms with the manner of his son’s dying. “I can’t talk about it,” he says. “My life’s work is telling people that they have to go on after tragedy, but I can’t do it for myself.”

A documentary about ‘The Falling Man’ will be aired on the British TV channel 4 tomorrow. Briley was one of dozens who chose to end their own lives by jumping, rather than face the horror of being burned alive.

Difficult decision. But as Dr. Rusty Shackleford, from the Java Report, says: “the struggle against Islamofascism is not about race, but about a murderous and totalitarian ideology“.

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Arrests in London over racist demonstration

You can read about the arrests in:

Eurabian News.

The Jawa Report.

UPDATE: Drinking from Home also writes upon this subject.

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