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Gaza preach sermon says bird flu is a punishment sent from Allah to the Jews

Well, if you do not believe it, the blog Sigmund, Carl and Freud just tells you about it:

Praise Allah the bird flu has hit the Jews. It came because of their sins against the Palestinians; because they are the most cruel enemy of humanity; because they are themselves the enemy of humanity; because they don’t believe in Allah; because they falsify the book of Allah; because they cheated the prophet Muhammed; and because they cheated Allah and even their own prophet, Moses,” Sheikh Muhammed was quoted as saying.

Oh, yeah, two persons have died in Egypt but the bird flu comes to punish the Jews. That logic so accurate…

Meanwhile, Tundra Tabloids reports about a Palestinian terror attempt has been thwarted in Israel.

[It] was foiled by Israeli security forces, as they nab ten Palestinians on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway. The vehicle contained ten Palestinians (believed)belonging to the Islamic Jihad, and a five kilo (ten pounds) homicide/suicide belt which was intended to massacre as many Israeli citizens as possible.

Well, well, …

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A movie about Cindy (UPDATED)

The elected actress -although in negotiations still- is … Susan Sarandon. HT: Samizdata.

Well, yet another anti-West movie. Another film that I am not going to see. I am going to save a lot of money…

UPDATE: You can read a very good comment on this subject by Samantha Burns.

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Vote for Abu Laban!

In the bad democracy awards. Right now he is winning with the 91% of the votes!

Cortesy of: Agora.

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36% of Swedish Muslims have Anti-Semitic Attitudes

Source:  Ynet News.

With a Swedish Muslim population of 350 000, that would mean 136 500 Muslims in Sweden, (just less than half) hold anti-Semitical views. Simply staggering, that in the middle of liberal Scandanavia, such inotlerant views have taken root. One contributing factor to this anti-Semitic phenomenon is the role of the local Mosque as well as the Swedish judical system .

 As I have noted earlier, a Swedish Chancellor of Justice has refused to press charges of incitement against a Swedish Mosque for selling tapes that degrade Jews. An official Swedish sanction of Islamic anti-Semitism is a total outrage, and as this study by Henrik Bachner shows, the numbers are staggering. KGS "

Lisa Abramowicz, chairperson of the Information Committee of the Jewish community in Stockholm, and secretary-general of Swedish Israel Information, told the European Jewish Press, “The results of the report are not surprising. We knew that anti-Semitism, the world’s oldest prejudice, still lives and thrives in Sweden. “What is surprising is that so many ethnic Swedes are so unaware of their own prejudices. There is a widespread feeling among Swedes that unless they are members of right-wing extremist or neo-Nazi groups, they have no prejudices against other religious or ethnic groups,” she said.

Read on at Tundra Tabloids.

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2.500 Turks deny in Lyon the Armenian Genocide

In this post, I wrote about 2.500 Turks who have protested in France against a monument which is going to conmemorate the Armenian Genocide. Vox Gallaie has some photos of this demonstration:

"There has been never an Armenian Genocide".

"Our ancestors are the victims, not the murderers".

Magnificent: you can go and see this film about the Armenian Genocide.

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Welsh Church apologizes for Cartoons’s publication

The Anglican Church in Wales has apologised to Muslims after a cartoon satirising the Prophet Mohammed was printed in its Welsh-language magazine.

The Church in Wales has issued an immediate recall of all copies of the latest edition of Y Llan – meaning Church – following the reproduction of the cartoon.

The drawing, reprinted from the French magazine France Soir, satirises the Prophet Mohammed by depicting him sitting on a heavenly cloud with Buddha and Christian and Jewish figures.

The cartoon was used to illustrate an article about the shared ancestry of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The Prophet’s depiction is banned in Islam and similar images in European papers sparked violent global protests.

"The Church in Wales is thoroughly investigating how this cartoon came to be reproduced in Y Llan," Sion Brynach, spokesman for the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, said.

"Despite the publication’s small circulation, we are concerned about the possibility of causing any offence to the Muslim community in Wales – with whom the Church in Wales has an excellent relationship – as a result of the reproduction of this cartoon."

A letter from the Archbishop has been sent to all subscribers to the magazine requesting that they return all the estimated 400 copies.

The publication of similar cartoons in newspapers in Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Spain earlier this year provoked complaints by Islamic countries, and led to protests at Danish embassies in Europe and the Middle East.

From The Telegraph.

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Al-Qaida resurfaces in Saudi Arabia with new video

From The Counterterrorism Blog:

On March 15, Al-Qaida’s Committee in the Arabian Peninsula released the first edition of a new video series titled “Blood that will never be forgotten” commemorating its “martyred” operatives in Saudi Arabia.  This first edition, subtitled “The Battle of Al-Yarmuk District in Eastern Riyadh” featured the recorded will of Al-Qaida commander Fahd bin Farraj al-Juwair al-Farraj, who headed the organization at the time of his death. 

Transcripts in: Globalterroralert.org. Video here

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