36% of Swedish Muslims have Anti-Semitic Attitudes

Source:  Ynet News.

With a Swedish Muslim population of 350 000, that would mean 136 500 Muslims in Sweden, (just less than half) hold anti-Semitical views. Simply staggering, that in the middle of liberal Scandanavia, such inotlerant views have taken root. One contributing factor to this anti-Semitic phenomenon is the role of the local Mosque as well as the Swedish judical system .

 As I have noted earlier, a Swedish Chancellor of Justice has refused to press charges of incitement against a Swedish Mosque for selling tapes that degrade Jews. An official Swedish sanction of Islamic anti-Semitism is a total outrage, and as this study by Henrik Bachner shows, the numbers are staggering. KGS "

Lisa Abramowicz, chairperson of the Information Committee of the Jewish community in Stockholm, and secretary-general of Swedish Israel Information, told the European Jewish Press, “The results of the report are not surprising. We knew that anti-Semitism, the world’s oldest prejudice, still lives and thrives in Sweden. “What is surprising is that so many ethnic Swedes are so unaware of their own prejudices. There is a widespread feeling among Swedes that unless they are members of right-wing extremist or neo-Nazi groups, they have no prejudices against other religious or ethnic groups,” she said.

Read on at Tundra Tabloids.


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