Welsh Church apologizes for Cartoons’s publication

The Anglican Church in Wales has apologised to Muslims after a cartoon satirising the Prophet Mohammed was printed in its Welsh-language magazine.

The Church in Wales has issued an immediate recall of all copies of the latest edition of Y Llan – meaning Church – following the reproduction of the cartoon.

The drawing, reprinted from the French magazine France Soir, satirises the Prophet Mohammed by depicting him sitting on a heavenly cloud with Buddha and Christian and Jewish figures.

The cartoon was used to illustrate an article about the shared ancestry of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The Prophet’s depiction is banned in Islam and similar images in European papers sparked violent global protests.

"The Church in Wales is thoroughly investigating how this cartoon came to be reproduced in Y Llan," Sion Brynach, spokesman for the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, said.

"Despite the publication’s small circulation, we are concerned about the possibility of causing any offence to the Muslim community in Wales – with whom the Church in Wales has an excellent relationship – as a result of the reproduction of this cartoon."

A letter from the Archbishop has been sent to all subscribers to the magazine requesting that they return all the estimated 400 copies.

The publication of similar cartoons in newspapers in Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Spain earlier this year provoked complaints by Islamic countries, and led to protests at Danish embassies in Europe and the Middle East.

From The Telegraph.

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