Islamists kill 5 in Algeria


The other day I wrote about the amnesty that Algerian Government was going to grant to Islamist terrorists in jail. And the killings have continued after it too:

ALGERIAN militants killed five civilians, including a mayor, stepping up attacks days after the start of an amnesty for rebels aimed attending more than a decade of strife, residents and newspapers said overnight.

Suspected members of al Qaeda-linked group the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) shot dead mayor Brahim Jellab outside his house on Friday night in Boumerdes province, 50 km east of the capital Algiers, residents said….

Algeria began an amnesty this month as part of efforts to end violence that broke out when the authorities cancelled elections in1992 that a now-banned Islamic party was poised to win. An estimated200,000 people have been killed since then.

The peace drive includes the mass release of jailed Islamic militants as well as compensation for victims, including the families of about 8,000 missing people.

The amnesty gave those rebels still fighting six months to surrender, provided they were not involved in massacres, rapes or bombings of public places.

Now, they are going to "ask" -that is, begin another campaign of extorsion and , killings and rapes- for the amnesty of the criminals who had been sentenced for these crimes.

NOTE: I have changed "have begun again" for have continued after it", because NOURI, a reader, has informed me that the Islamists of the GSPC have continue killing.




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4 responses to “Islamists kill 5 in Algeria

  1. These kinds of killings have been going on since before the amnesty. The GSPC never accepted the amnesty and its members have not been released from prisons because of this. They would have done this whether or not the other terrorists were freed. This did not happen because of the amnesty, GSPC was killing people throughout last year in remote areas and the years before that. It is much more complicated than the government letting out former terrorists and then the killing “Starting again”.


  2. Thank you for your comment.

    Will you give some examples, please? I will modify the post with the information you can provide me about these past attacks.

  3. Well over the summer there were several attacks in different mountain communes, killing 10+ people each. There was another last spriing that cause the government to retaliate with areal bombardment in the Bejaia region. There were less than previous years but still a lot. The GSPC also attacked a Mauritanian military baracks in the Sahara last spring. My blog has some posts about this and if you go through Algerian news paper archieves online you can find the news reports of them, especially on or El Watan. Google should give some hits too. There were a lot. GSPC has nothing to do with the amnesty because they rejected it. All the people released accepted it. They are totally different populations in that way. Also, GSPC is the most radical of all the militias, having splintered off of the radical GIA (that tried to fly airplanes into the Eiffel Tower and declared war on all non-Muslims in Algeria) because they though that it was too moderate.


  4. Thanks Nouri, I will read your blog carefully for a start. You know, Algeria is not very commented in Spanish news, that is why I have not spoken very much about it. And I made the supposition they were calmer that usual.

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