More dhimmitude in France

From France-Echos: le blog in English:

Jean-Marc ROUBAUD, deputy for the UMP political party, proposed to restore the crime of blasphemy. Eric RAOULT, UMP deputy and mayor of Raincy in Seine-Saint-Denis, proposed a new law to introduce cartoons to the list of “crimes and offences” against all Religions.

Of course, they have to go softly to let us think that crime of blasphemy will be positive for all religions … so theyget support from other religions.
But Eric RAOULT admited that this was demanded by the ‘Union des Associations Musulmanes’ (Union of Muslim Associations) of Seine-Saint-Denis : UAM93.

Muslims order, UMP dhimmis obey.

UAM93, encouraged by the succes of its Parisian demonstration against the Muhammad cartoons, is now leadinga national action to support those 2 dhimmis-deputy. They also plan todistribute more than 400,000 biographies of Muhammads (!!) forMuhammand’s day of birth, the coming April 10th.

By the way, there is going to be a counter-demonstration to the March for Free Speech. And Qaradawi, about the boycott to Denmark:

“It is the right of Muslims to boycott those who are harming them and their Prophet. There should be great pressure at the United Nations to issue strong rules that would criminalise the defamation of religions.”

I do not agree frankly. Religion influences people and can have an enormous impact on them. So as any other institution, they should be critisized, or we are heading back to the Paleolithic again. By the way, I think there are other things that "can harm more the Profet" than some cartoons.

And a humourous note: you can read the Sandmonkey's post titled: Qaradawi on marrying Christian and Jewish women. Really, it's really funny…



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