Eurabia is nearer than yesterday but farther than tomorrow (UPDATED)

Via Pia Causa

French PM calls for limitations on free speech in France

«Tout discours, cri, menace, écrit, imprimé, dessin ou affiche outrageant, portant atteinte volontairement aux fondements des religions, est une injure
“All speech, shout, menace, written message, print, design or outrageous image, that attacks willingly to the fundings of the religions, is an affront/an insult”.
Amendment to the French Constitution proposed to the French Assemblée Nationale by député M. Jean-Marc Roubaud (photo, right) on Feb. 28 2006 banning criticism of religion. Mr. Roubaud specifically refers to the cartoons in his preamble.
UPDATE: The MP explains himself (via E-nough). There is a very good comment on Chris At Home blog:
Voltaire is rolling over in his grave.
You know, it seems an obvious point but France can’t grasp it: if you give into threats and violence, you will be threatened and abused forever. Pure, unadulterated cowardice.
Cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Axis of Weasels. I am going to call France obscene names and verbally abuse French people until they value free speech ahead of political expediancy. Maybe they will surrender to me, too.
From The Telegraph (via Dhimmiwatch):
School textbooks should be reviewed for intolerant depictions of Islam and other faiths by experts overseen by the European Union and Islamic leaders, the European Parliament was told yesterday.
The call for a special committee to examine religious education in schools came from Hans-Gert Pöttering, the German Christian Democrat, who heads the largest group of MEPs. But the proposal was immediately condemned as “appeasement” by Charles Tannock, a British Conservative MEP.

The question here is: if they should be reviewed for intolerant depictions (what is an intolerant depiction?) of Islam and other faiths, why is that only Islamic leaders are going to review them? Does not make sense.

But, well, looks like it’s the Catholic Church the one which is subject today of all the offenses and as a result in the Carnival the mock it but not Islam so as to “keep the spectators safe“. From Catholic exchange (via Dhimmiwatch):

The custom for making fun of Catholic symbols goes back to the Middle Ages said Matthias von der Bank, a historian from Cologne’s Carnival Museum said, “In the Middle Ages, carnival was a festival of reverse worlds and a playful expression of this,” von der Bank said. “So Christian symbols, for example, were turned upside down.”…

Although the rule of the Düsseldorf carnival committee was that there would be no floats dealing with religion this year, parade organizers seem to feel that Catholicism does not qualify. A float in the Dusseldorf parade featured a statue of Pope Benedict wearing the jersey of the often-defeated soccer team Fortune. The message was clear: the Catholic Church is the losing team and attacking it is acceptable.

Bernd Jost, spokesman for the Dusseldorf carnival committee said that the religion the committee wants to exempt is Islam. “In view of the current debate, we will be keeping very clear of things related to Muslims,” Jost said. “We don’t want to fuel hatred,” Jost said. But he admitted that the real motive is the need to keep parade spectators safe.

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5 responses to “Eurabia is nearer than yesterday but farther than tomorrow (UPDATED)

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  2. Jason Newcomb

    May as well take the cross off of the Danish flag and paste a crescent there.

  3. Yes, that way maybe the Muslims would have some respect for others flags… 😉

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