An important video: jihad in Bosnia

I’ve found it in Red Sky:


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9 responses to “An important video: jihad in Bosnia

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  2. Is this video a gauge of jihad movement nowadays in Bosnia?

  3. This video is from nowadays. The jihad was before the Balkans War but the problems persist, as some of the mujahidines stayed there and another ones just went abroad but with different names. As the police wasn’t organised just after the war, a time was lost to discover who are there and who went away.

    So you can say that this video is a measure of jihad there, yes.

  4. addddooooo

    tooooo bracoooooooo,tako treba.ALLAHU EKBER

  5. AJH van Buuren

    Islam is nothing more then an sekte off witch membership should be forbidden in Europe. The days of islam are counted, leave and you will be spared. Stay and watch annihilation, while mekka burnes.

  6. Adil

    Yes indeed.Muslim Bosnians underwent the worse atrocities and ethnic cleansing in the 2oth ceintury Europe .
    I am not surprised this one-sided video is made by Skynews.The documentary lacks facts and proof that Muslims committed crimes against humanity.

  7. Christian Slater

    I believe that this video just didn’t fair… about the victim from the moslem side ???? this site just a joke….ALLAHU AKBAR…..

  8. Abdul Basir

    you are the christian in europe are afraid about jihad……i believe one day tehe MOSLEM will take over the europe land…just like what you are did in PALESTINA…….europe gonna fall…SOON…..

  9. Ratko

    I videh, i gle, konj sivac, i jahac na njemu kome je ime Smrt…

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