Cardinal Ruini: Teaching Islam in schools could be dangerous

If the other say, Cardinal Martino said that Islam should be taught in public schools, today we have better news:

Rome, Mar. 20 ( – Teaching Islam in Italian public schools could be dangerous, Cardinal Camillo Ruini (bionews)has argued, unless it is accompanied by an energetic campaign to introduce students to the fundamental principles of Italian social policy.
Speaking in his capacity as president of the Italian bishops’ conference, Cardinal Ruini took a stand different from that of Cardinal Renato Martino (
bionews), who had argued last week that teaching Islam to Muslim students could be a welcome sign of respect for religious pluralism. Cardinal Martino, the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, saw the teaching of Islam in Italy as a gesture of the “reciprocity” that Church leaders have sought, in which European countries show their respect for Islam and demand the same sort of respect for Christianity in Muslim societies.



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2 responses to “Cardinal Ruini: Teaching Islam in schools could be dangerous

  1. nadia ahmed

    why is it dangerous because it will promote people to be more acceptant of different faiths and cultures? i was taught catholocism at school for 5 years, wasnt that dangerous for me? stop being hypocrites please and lets all live in peace with one another and accept that not everyone is the same.

  2. I am just saying that when Muslim countries teach other religions, when their citizens can belive in other Gods or any of them, when I can carry a Bible or build a mosque in Saudi Arabia, then Muslim should be allowed to have all those rights here. BUT not before.

    The Muslim countries are the ones who are not been very tolerant now. Do you know who Abdul Rahman is? Well, the same happens all over Muslim countries.

    How many Westerners have been imprisoned and put to trial -and menaced to be sentenced to death- because of their conversion to Islam? NONE.

    And lastly, your response is very curious: I think that we ARE the same, and that is why each can believe in the GOd that they want. BUT here we are talking about politics, about international politics, and Western Governments should protect more their citizens in foreign countries, specially in those where their rights are not guaranteed.

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