Dutch Socialist leader, worried about the high number of inmigrants -Muslims- in the ranks of his party.

From The Brussels Journal:

Wouter Bos, the leader of the Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), the Dutch Labour Party, is worried about the high number of immigrants in the ranks of his own party. Bos won the Dutch municipal elections on 7 March by catering for the immigrants, who consequently tipped the balance in favour of the PvdA. Almost half the elected PvdA politicians in major Dutch cities where the PvdA is the largest party, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are now Muslims.

In an interview last Friday Wouter Bos said that he is worried about this situation. “We are bound to run into trouble with our new immigrant councillors,” he predicted. The PvdA leader said their “political culture” is often incompatible with Dutch politics, because the immigrants “conduct politics according to the culture of their home countries, where clientelism is the norm.

Clientelism? What does that mean? Does that means corruption? Well, that is very worrying indeed BUT there is another problem: will they ask for the application of shari’a, for poligamy, for the killing of homosexuals or for people who abandon religion… when they are the majority of the people in the Party?

Though Bos concedes that it was a risk to put forward so many immigrant candidates (wasn’t that a form of clientelism?) he defended his party’s decision to do so.

[…] Bos’s warning concerning immigrant politicians has led to angry reactions from indigenous Dutch and immigrants alike. Yesterday a native Dutch citizen wrote in a website comment:

“Wouter Bos has an image problem now that the PvdA has visibly become the Party of the Immigrants. […] The party is bound to be the hostage of the Muslims […] and will ultimately perish as a result of it. By then, however, Wouter Bos will have been Prime Minister of the Netherlands for eight years and will receive an advance payment to write his memoirs before emigrating to the United States, Australia or Canada…”

Fouad Sidali, an Amsterdam PvdA politician said about his party leader’s remarks:

“This is nonsense. Bullshit.”

Well, I would like to know what will happen in Spain, where Mr. Rajoy (Popular Party, center-right) has asked for the concession of the right to vote to the inmigrants in the general elections, when the polls say that PP was going to obtain only 19% of the inmigrant vote and PSOE (socialists, left), 44%.

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One response to “Dutch Socialist leader, worried about the high number of inmigrants -Muslims- in the ranks of his party.

  1. Maybe clienteslism means tribal ties?

    Whatever it means must be negative, I think.

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