A UN infamous campaign and the blasphemous Die Welt

More bad news: if this last Friday we knew about the Danish Muslims and their report to the UN Commsioner on Human Rights, today, the Nordish Portal informs of a new UN campaign :

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has started a new campaign against racism, captioned by this newly created, downloadable flyer:

The little Lego piece is quite obviously accentuated in the poster, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is a thinly-veiled reference to Denmark supposedly being a “racist” country.

HT: Plus Ultra

And about the criminal complaint against Die Welt, a German newspaper, that has been filed by a Turkish lobby in Germany:

Reuters reports the following:

BERLIN, March 16 (Reuters) – A Turkish lobby group said on Thursday it has filed a criminal complaint against a German newspaper for printing a series of Danish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad last month.

It said the complaint was filed with prosecutors in the northern city of Cologne, charging the daily Die Welt with violating Germany’s criminal code by printing 12 cartoons of Islam’s prophet on Feb. 1, despite global unrest sparked by their initial appearance in a Danish paper.

While freedom of the press is guaranteed by the German constitution, the country’s law forbids public insults against religious societies, beliefs and groups that support specific world views.

“It is not the point of a free press to insult the religious sensibilities of nearly 3 million Muslims in Germany with provocations of this kind,” Abdullah Emil, general secretary of the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD), said.

HT: Plus Ultra

Die Welt published the controversial Mohammed caricature with the bomb-shaped turban on the 1st of February here on their website. Also included, on that day, was a “bilder special” of several Mohammed cartoons.

Well, this last news are “very” good, because some days ago I wrote just here about the Düsseldorf carnival in which they constantly mock the Catholic faith without any kind of restraint. In fact, the Carnival’s organisers recognised that the real motive why they have not included ANYthing related no Muslims were “to keep the parade spectators safe“. And maybe a criminal complaint? Because if the Muslims file one the PC that are among us, would say “of course, these guys are correct, this is a very racist society”. But if a Catholic/Jew or any other religion says the same he is going to be labeled as intolerant the next minute in all MSM.



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