Danish Imam Akkari: let’s send some guys to blow Nader (UPDATED)

From Jyllands-Posten:

The danish imams are defending their prophet Muhammed through an aggressive campaign against Demokratiske Muslimer and critics of the press, in particular the morning paper Jyllands-Posten.

This is revealed in a documental from Denmark made by the french TV-station France 2, who has employed hidden cameras to unveil the truth. The documental is to be broadcasted today.

In a central segment of this documental it is shown how imam Ahmed Akkari (photo, left) indirectly threatens the leader of Demokratiske Muslimer Naser Khader(photo, right). It is proposed that he ought to be killed if he joins the government.

If he becomes Foreign or Immigration Minister, one should send a couple of guys to blow up both him and the ministry“, says the spokesman for the imams who travelled to the Middle East.

You can read it at Sugiero or Agora.

As Sugiero says this is nothing but TERRORISM. The worst of it all is that he is threatening another Muslim (NOTE:it would be enough grave that he had attacked a Non-Muslim, BUT we are I think so used to it. I do not know if worst is the word, I think “shocking although not surprisingly is that he is threatening a Muslim of different views”, is more accurate). Why? You can read who he is at Agora:

And while his passion for Danish democracy grew stronger, Naser was constantly reminded that he was from a part of the world where democracy did not exist.

For many years he was an interpreter at a number of treatment centres for victims of torture, where he listened to one horror story after the other of the way dictatorial regimes will persecute people who don’t agree.

After interviews, he more than once experienced the need to go to the toilet and vomit.

He also began to function as an interpreter in situations where it became clear to him that the Danish case workers, social advisors, teachers, pedagogues, policemen, to name a few, where talking to immigrants of whose situation they knew nothing. He was especially struck by the fact that most Danes’ knowledge of Islam was almost non-existant.

Therefore Khader published the book “Honour and Shame” in 1996. Here he tried to give an introduction to the central tenets of Mid-Eastern culture which were based partially on ancient culture and partially on Islam.

The book became a bestseller in Denmark. Here was finally an immigrant able to explain the way things were, the people working with immigrants were saying.

But in The Islamic Community, Imam Abu Laban railed against this Naser Khader who was daring enough to write a book about Islam without consulting an Imam!

The wrath of Abu Laban was so great the Naser Khader’s father was devastated. He faithfully came to prayer every Friday and he was hurt to hear his son reviled in front of all the member of the community.

He therefore decided to arrange a meeting to reconciliate Khader and Laban.

Accounts of the meeting differ, but it was clear that Abu Laban did not accept Khader’s book.

That proved not to be the last confrontation the two had.

[…] Some Moslems consider Naser Khader an apostate – a person who has left the faith of Islam and who has even criticised it in public. That has led to several threats on his life.

Those were the lines on the battlefield when the (in)famous Muhammed cartoons were published in Jyllands-Posten September 30, last year.

[…]It was then Naser Khader decided. He had to stand up to the Imams.

In his view, the Imams don’t represent the Moslems of Denmark at all. They may speak for a few thousand, but there are 200000 Moslems in Denmark.

He decided to form the Democratic Moslems to show that the majority of Moslems in Denmark want democracy. Inevitably this would have to lead to a showdown, a showdown with his Arch Enemy.

Khader versus Laban.

This has so far lead to Laban calling Khader “a rat” at Friday prayers.

Khader believes so much in his initiative that he has decided it would be beneath him to respond.

[…] Privately, Khader pays daily. He has received several death threats, mostly from people he consider Islamists.

[…]”For me it’s about identity and existence and life and death. I see the fundamentalist ‘cerebral haemorrhage’ close in around me. I have people I know who sympathize with Bin Laden, people who start sending their children to Quran-schools, who sympathize with the regime in Iran – and that is my reason for intervening. I think that what is going on at present is the most important battle for values Denmark has ever fought. To stay on the sidelines would mean giving up my identity.”

[…] Whose fight are you fighting?

“I think I am fighting my mother’s fight. She’s a Moslem, religious, who prays five times a day and wears a scarf. But she believes in Danish democracy. In that way she is a lot like many of my friends – Moslems with their hearts, but not Islamists or Extremists. I feel I am fighting a fight for the majority of Moslems. Islam was once a religion which was about the personal relationship of man to Allah. But some Imams have intervened, like the publicans of the Bible and have taken for themselves the power of Allah.”

[…] Moslems in Denmark now have two spokesmen. The question will be whether the reformists or the traditionalists prove to be stronger.

As I have said many times, the surrender of Europe and its transformation into Eurabia is not only a lose for “European aborigines”, but also for the pacific inmigrants that are here or yet to come.

And now Akkari denies it. BUT this man is violent enough to attack a 10 year old pupil just because he had touched the headscarf of a girl so her hair was clairly exposed. He is also the one who is presumably responsible for, at least, one of the false Mohammed cartoons that Danish imams presented to audiences in the Middle East.

UPDATE: Now he claims it was a joke (HT: Michelle Malkin):

If they think I have said that, then I must have been jesting. […] You also need to understand, from the context, that I wasn’t being serious because I usually don’t say stuff like that – not even in jest. But sometimes things happen.

Oh, yeah, ocasionally you happen to, without wanting it really, say: “send two guys to blew up some place”. Of course, that is normal if you’re the Godfather…

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