The unlikely candidate for suicide bomber

Another very astounding story (HT: Relapsed Catholic)

Albanna, 32, had a fondness for American women, the grunge sound of Nirvana and Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the bad-boy image they conveyed. He told friends he loved the freedom he felt in America.”All the more reason his friends were dumbfounded when they were told that the funloving Jordanian had become a suicide car bomber, pulling off the deadliest single attack in Iraq. U.S. authorities said he killed 132 Iraqis outside a Hillah medical clinic Feb. 28, 2005.”

Jihad Watch comments:

All this head-scratching results, of course, from ignorance of the jihad ideology and how people can come to hold it. Any Muslim, like Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, can turn from partier to shahid simply by reading the Qur’an. Anyone reading this who finds that assertion offensive is invited write in to me at and explain how it can be prevented. But the Muslims who are perpetrating violent acts all over the world are justifying them by the Qur’an […]

Although I think not ALL Muslims can convert into suicide bombers, certainly the language of the Koram can provoke that some of them -a minority each day greater- can turn into suicide bombers.

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  1. adil

    jihad watch… they r more than 1.5 billion muslims who read the Quran.. ur trying to tell me that we have 1.5 billion terrorists now?? wat are you a fool? they are in a state of depression wat else can they do… some convert to christianity 2 coz they feel better.. others have more anger stored in them and thats wat they do… During the time of slavery.. how many ppl were ready to fight against their colonialist even when they knew abt the outcomes.. same in this situation when ppl are pissed outta their mind they dont think abt the outcome they just do it… life is full of stress bud and thats wat happens..!!

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