Queen Sofia in Saudi Arabia

You can read about her in Barcepundit here and here. I am going to quote him when he says:

No headscarf, a bright red dress with -though you can’t see it in this picture- a skirt at half her royal calves. A message of solidarity with the oppresed Arabic women.

I wonder if she asked for a glass of wine with her meals… that’d have been cool.

Oh, yeah, that would have been cool.

And the contrast is evident between the Spanish Queen and the women that appear with her in the photo. I am not very monarchist but I admire her for long: I think she is a wonderful Queen, what I cannot say about the rest of the Spanish monarchy.

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2 responses to “Queen Sofia in Saudi Arabia

  1. He writes: [while many Western women immediately don the veil when visiting the area, look at how she dressed]

    The problem is that she is not among “many Western women”, she is one, because she is Queen. I think if anybody in Saudi Arabia except Queens like Sofia try to wear red jackets they would be put into prison minimum. She is Queen, so she is treated differently. There is a big gap between Queens and other “Western women”, you know…..

  2. First it is not he. 😉
    The people I am comparing her, is not with normal people, but with other female who go there on official visit: For example, Camilla Parker-Bowles, our Vicepresident, etc.. who inmediately wore veil, long skirts and all.

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