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Iran to Give $50 million to Hamas-led Government

Elder of Ziyon was asking himself why Iran wasn’t financing publicly Hamas. Well, from The New York Times:

Iran said today that it would give $50 million in aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government after the United States and the European Union froze their aid.

Iran’s foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, announced the donation on the last day of a pro-Palestinian conference here.

“We warn that if the aid is cut and if this continues in the near future, this land will witness a humanitarian disaster and the occupiers and their supporters will be responsible,” the ISNA student news agency quoted Mr. Mottaki as saying, alluding to Israel.

The European Union suspended its $600 million aid package and the United States a $400 million donation after Hamas’s unexpected electoral victory in January. The measures were aimed at increasing pressure on the militant Palestinian group to renounce violence and to recognize Israel.

Sooooooooooooo… the culprits of the humanitarian crisis are European Union and Unites States…And Iran is a humanitarian country

This world is full of idiots.

But as JihadWatch says:

Now we don’t approve of Hamas getting a penny from anyone. Still, this is $50 million that the Thug-In-Chief can’t use for his own galloping nuclear ambitions. And it’s also $50 million unspent by the United States or Western Europe — a small sum, but perhaps someday such sums will be put toward the defense against the global jihad.

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Queen Sofia in Saudi Arabia

You can read about her in Barcepundit here and here. I am going to quote him when he says:

No headscarf, a bright red dress with -though you can’t see it in this picture- a skirt at half her royal calves. A message of solidarity with the oppresed Arabic women.

I wonder if she asked for a glass of wine with her meals… that’d have been cool.

Oh, yeah, that would have been cool.

And the contrast is evident between the Spanish Queen and the women that appear with her in the photo. I am not very monarchist but I admire her for long: I think she is a wonderful Queen, what I cannot say about the rest of the Spanish monarchy.

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The unlikely candidate for suicide bomber

Another very astounding story (HT: Relapsed Catholic)

Albanna, 32, had a fondness for American women, the grunge sound of Nirvana and Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the bad-boy image they conveyed. He told friends he loved the freedom he felt in America.”All the more reason his friends were dumbfounded when they were told that the funloving Jordanian had become a suicide car bomber, pulling off the deadliest single attack in Iraq. U.S. authorities said he killed 132 Iraqis outside a Hillah medical clinic Feb. 28, 2005.”

Jihad Watch comments:

All this head-scratching results, of course, from ignorance of the jihad ideology and how people can come to hold it. Any Muslim, like Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, can turn from partier to shahid simply by reading the Qur’an. Anyone reading this who finds that assertion offensive is invited write in to me at director@jihadwatch.org and explain how it can be prevented. But the Muslims who are perpetrating violent acts all over the world are justifying them by the Qur’an […]

Although I think not ALL Muslims can convert into suicide bombers, certainly the language of the Koram can provoke that some of them -a minority each day greater- can turn into suicide bombers.

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Jerusalem and the future Caliphate

JTA – Breaking News

An Israeli Arab leader said Jerusalem will become an international Islamist capital. “Jerusalem will soon be the capital of a Moslem Arab Caliphate, and all efforts by the Israeli establishement to Judaize the city will amount to nothing,” Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, told a weekend rally in Kafr Kassem. Salah, who was briefly accused by Israeli authorities of funding Palestinian terrorist groups, also said the Jewish State was planning to replace the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem with a Third Temple as part of a “plot” hatched in coordination with the United States.

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