Cuba and the Muslims’ extremists

As always the totalitarians have a lot more in common that what we realize at first hand (Granma -says):

CUBAN Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque spoke during the ministerial segment of the 18th ordinary session of the Arab League Summit in Khartoum, Sudan with the participation of the 22 countries that make up that organization.

The Cuban minister reaffirmed Cuba’s unwavering solidarity with the just causes of the Arab nations, and in particular, its firm support for the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people to attain their inalienable right to self-determination, the establishment of a sovereign and independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the unconditional return of all of the Arab territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

During a speech that was closely followed by those present in the main hall of the Palace of Friendship, where the summit is taking place, Roque invited – in the name of the Cuban people and government and President Fidel Castro – the dignitaries of the member states of the Arab League to participate in the 14th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, scheduled for September 11-16 in Havana.

The Cuban minister referred to the need to strengthen the Movement, above all in today’s world, where unilateralism and hegemonic pretensions in international relations prevail.

At a time when we have been witness to clear manifestations of disrespect and intolerance toward Islam and toward the Arab peoples, Cuba energetically condemns such acts,” Roque said, and expressed thanks for the solidarity of the Arab peoples with Cuba’s struggle against the blockade.

During the afternoon, the Cuban minister was received at the offices of the Council of Ministers by President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir of the Republic of Sudan, to whom he relayed greetings from President Fidel Castro as well as the invitation to attend the Non-Aligned Summit in Havana.

Al-Bashir thanked him for this gesture and reciprocated it, sending a warm embrace to the Cuban people and their leader. He added that the Sudanese people are anxiously awaiting the Cuban president’s visit to Sudan, and described Fidel as a symbol of resistance and struggle against imperialism.

The Sudanese president offered the Cuban delegation a detailed explanation of the situation of his country’s southern region and the Darfur region.

During his time there, Roque met with several Arab foreign ministers who were present, offering them details on preparations for the Summit in Havana.

Oh, yeah: in the Darfur region the Sudanese Janjaweed -and the Army- are carrying a genocide of the Blacks, whether they are Christians or Muslims. You can read about it on SudanWatch. By the way, this same Minister Al-Bashir, has urged the Arab Nations to enter the "nuclear club" and praise the Hamas-led government (photo: Al Bashir, with ANP President Abbas).

But these days, Cubans are also receiving another guest:

Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam religious and socio political organization, rejected the Bush Administration ’s preventive wars, in remarks made Monday on the Cuban radio and TV program “The Round Table.”

Farrakhan and his delegation were the guests on the hour-and-a-half prime time program and the minister recalled a letter he sent to President Bush back in 2001, warning him about the dangers of unleashing a war on Iraq.

“We are witnessing times of global war, and those who promote war and violence should be defeated. Only when this happens will weapons be turned into plows,” said Farrakhan.

He added that some day, the American people will love the Cuban people, once they get to know the truth that has been hidden by the US government through a media machinery that must be defeated.

Cubans should be proud of their achievements and their perseverance in fighting those who try to oppress them (yeah, they have been fighting Castro for soooooo long, haven't they?…),” said the anti-poverty and anti-racism leader.

[…]Louis Farrakhan also thanked Cuban President Fidel Castro and the Cuban Baseball Federation for donating the funds it was to receive for its participation in the World Baseball Classic to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He explained the actions he will undertake to make sure that the money ultimately reaches them.

Arbar Muhammad, minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nation of Islam, told the audience about the visits the delegation made to the Latin American School of Medicine and other educational facilities where they were exposed to experiences that the delegation will bring back to the United States to implement in different communities.

We have learned a lot from what we have seen in Cuba, and now we have a model to follow, said Education Minister Conrad W. Worrill, who wasm particularly pleased by the visit to the Social Workers School, where he found a revolutionary concept in the training of the students.

Rasul Muhammad, minister of Science and Technology, stated that he had ever seen a nation that paid more attention to people’s needs than Cuba, and he described the visit to the island as extremely useful.

Other members of the Nation of Islam delegation also participated on The Round Table program, expressing their views on what they have seen in their visit to Cuba. The delegation headed by Minister Farrakhan arrived in Cuba on March 19 and was met by the President of the Cuban Parliament, Ricardo Alarcon.

They have supported him, even when that same Farrakhan has stated that the Palestinians are . Well, he also said the same of the Jews:

Farrakhan has referred to Jews, Palestinian Arabs, and Asians as "bloodsuckers" and stated that "Murder and lying comes easy for white people." [1]

By the way, Farrakhan was named Dumbass of the Week by Chazz, because he said he wanted to brun America:

"You are a weak nation now and your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of Satan. They own Congress. That's why the Congress ain’t right," Farrakhan said, referring to his conspiracy theory that Jews control the United States.

(Somehow, Farrakhan gets away with phrases like "synagogue of Satan." God forbid a Jew should reference "Mosques of Malevolence" – or even cartoons for that matter.)

And this guy has denied being Anti-semitic and anti-racist. Hmm, oh, yeah…



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3 responses to “Cuba and the Muslims’ extremists

  1. long live me

    Nation of Islam; some un-islamic heretics who thought elijah mohammed was a prophet and who even killed malcolm X after he became a proper muslim and renounced violence…

    Katrina; a shameful episode in US history of the rich leaving poor people of all colours to die.

    death to zionists who run anti-muslims hate sites like this, pretending to be the ‘despised goyim’.

    Your day will come.

  2. Anti-mudslime

    Muslims should be be-headed, there bodies dragged through the pig shit, they are filth, vile dirty filth, if they want a war, they WILL get one. And the CHRISTIANS will win…Again and again and again and again and………….

  3. Anti-mudslime

    God gave us the power to kill all muslims, they pose a serious threat to human kind, as they are not human, but made up from monkey and pig droppins, wrapped in bacon, served on pork fat, to let the dogs eat them…..

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