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An interview with Efraim Halevy

Ex-Israeli Intel Head on Iran, Hamas – Newsweek: International Editions – MSNBC.com

Is the current Israeli policy of squeezing and hoping to topple Hamas the right policy? Or is a more nuanced approach called for?
I think it is legitimate to maintain pressure on the government, and to press the government in order to bring about—I don’t know about a regime change—but to bring about a policy change. There are people in Hamas who are no fools. Hamas has nuances within it. I think Hamas is making a mistake in letting [Damascus-based political bureau leader] Khaled Meshaal be a party to the decision-making process in Hamas. The decisions should be made by the current leadership inside the territories.

Do you think Hamas will be able to raise the money required to keep the Palestinian Authority afloat?
I think there’s no chance. They went to Iran, and the Iranians offered them a paltry $50 million. That’s less than what they need for one month. And the money has not yet come through, anyway. Hamas will have to learn the hard way.


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