Israeli soldiers have detained 2 terrorists

From Ynet News:

IDF forces operating in the West Bank town of Nablus early Thursday arrested a Palestinian woman “who planned to carry out a suicide bombing,” security officials say.
In the course of the operations, Palestinians threw explosives at the forces and opened fire at soldiers a number of times. No injuries were reported among troops.
The woman was arrested in light of intelligence information. On Wednesday, a man and woman who were prepared to carry out suicide bombings were also arrested in Nablus.

IDF forces have been operating in Nablus since last night to arrest wanted suspects, who include among others members of a terror cell that carried out a suicide bomb attack last week near the Kedumim settlement in Samaria, killing four Israelis.
Security forces are aware of 74 terror general terror warnings, 12 of them concerete, to carry out attacks in Israel. Most of the warnings relate to terrorists belonging to the Islamic Jihad organization. In total, IDF forces arrested 21 wanted Palestinian terror suspects in the West Bank overnight.
Palestinian sources in Nablus reported that two Palestinian civilians, including a teacher oh her way to work, were lightly to moderately injured by IDF forces. The sources also said a U.S. photojournalist was injured in his stomach by a rubber bullet fired by soldiers.

HT: Free Thoughts.

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