If you are interested in contemplating the Pyramids

then you must make haste and go just now to Egypt to see them:

Egypt’s Grand Mufti (the Sheikh who is responsible for releasing all fatwas and top Islamic jurist) Ali Gomaa issued a fatwa (religious opinion/edict) few days ago that forbids Egyptian Muslims from owning or displaying statues at their home because it is un-Islamic according to a “Hadith” (Prophet’s saying). The controversial Qatar-based Islamic scholar, Yussef al-Qaradawi joined the Mufti.

The Mufti who is appointed by the President represents the official line of the country and that tells you how secular we are evolving to be, a future Taliban state.

The Fatwa does not rule out:

  • The demolition of all pharaonic civilization heritages represented in the thousands of statues and Luxor and Aswan temples and others scattered all over the country. Those temples for those who did not visit them have huge statues for ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens.
  • Boycotting all sculpture artists and closing down arts colleges in the country for teaching students art. I will have to boycott all my friends and family members who took art as a profession.
  • Getting rid of any foreign heritage in the Egyptian houses. Many Egyptian families since more than two centuries still take pride in inheriting some pieces of art that came to Egypt from Europe. Those pieces are extremely precious and invaluable.
  • Treating us as insane retarded citizens with no brains who will take the first opportunity worship statues for anything in which we can undo everything Prophet Muhammed did when he forbid the people of Mecca from worshipping statues. Egyptians do not have the desert culture, we have the civilization of the Nile valley that inspired Egyptians with all forms of beauty along the centuries of history despite all difficulties.

You can continue reading at Freedom for Egyptians.

These are very bad news for all people like me who like the “Pharaonic” Egypt. It’s a pity that an astounding civilization can be lost because of the idiocy of some of our fellow human beings.

I do not know if the receipt in this cartoon would work:

That’s not all:
Via Egyptian Sandmonkey, according to this link (in arabic), the Egyptian parliament just ammended the criminal offenses law to include an ammendments that allows the Egyptian judicial authorities the right to pursue and try anyone who insults, attacks or defames religion.

The new law establishes a 100,000 EGP fine against any one who attacked, criticisized, defamed or mocked- using writing or drawing- any Prophet or religion. It was presented by the MB MP’s and the government approved it.

HT: Hyscience.


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