Europe’s Islamic future is now

The result of an extensive research and five months of field interviews in numerous schools in 20 French provinces by a distinguished group of educators, the Obin report documents the extensive Islamization of French schools in the vicinity of Moslem ghettoes and the imposition of strict conformity with Islamist dictates through violence and intimidation.

Having by and large completed their takeover of the Moslem ghettoes, often by “targeted violence” against non-Moslems and moderate Moslems alike, the Islamist fanatics are making great progress towards achieving control of the educational system as well.

As usual, girls are the first victims of religious extremism. The “big brothers,” as the Islamists are known in school, enforce a strict Islamic dress code which prohibits make-up, dresses and skirts, forbid any co-educational activities and make going to the movies, the swimming pool or the gym all but impossible for Moslem girls.

The punishment for refusal to conform is often physical violence and beatings. And this, says the report, is a relatively protected environment compared to “what girls experience outside of school.” Such as forced marriages at 14 or 15.

You can read the entire article at France-Echos.



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4 responses to “Europe’s Islamic future is now

  1. Gorroño, M.D.

    I just wanted to thak you for your insightful and informative website. May, many thanks on behalf of many, many clueless dhimmis-to-be.

    Diligens agricola arbores serir quarum fructus nunquam adspiciet.

    Take care,


  2. Thanks, Gorroño, your comments are very welcome ;).

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  4. Jon

    The assumption of Islamic hegemony in Europe relies on unchecked immigration and the promotion of child bearers through social welfare reaching into the middle of the century. To continue to outbreed the host population Islamic mothers will have to take a conscious decision to breed in the face of the trend that says immigrants eventually fall to the same birth rates as indigenous Britons within fifty years. The wind rush immigrants are now showing a lower birth rate than the Britons. Indians who moved here are but a few points above.

    Furthermore the slow colonisation tied to jihad approach as worked well in the distant past, but the information age makes it almost impossible for a group to out influence another through numbers without the target society becoming acutely aware of the situation globally while it is still in its early stages. Gone are the days of horseback messengers, today millions can follow a news event in real time.

    Do not forget the level of violence capable within European society. Islam is yet to come close to the sheer destruction that Europe has wrought upon itself. In comparison Islam has done nothing so terrible to Europe. In truth if it was to try to do so it would be eradicated using advanced weaponry. I do not believe for one second that the violence as gone from Europe, in my opinion wealth and peace has softened us yes, but that wealth and content must be defended if it is to continue.

    So while we continue to enjoy our organic food and climate change guilt the jihadi pecks at the sidelines, not a real threat to us, but still a threat in some abstract way. But at some point the jihadi are going to have to translate that threat into political power. In Britain you can either overthrow us militarily or defeat us using the vote. Islam will never threaten us here with force. So they must build their numbers to win the vote.

    Al Qaeda seems to have realised that the spectacles in New York, Madrid and London were counter productive to the cause. But as I have said they are going to have to turn the violence to winning votes, and I personally do not believe that the Europeans will accept Sharia law.

    Islam is far, far from taking the European lands. In truth Islam is far from controlling its own lands.

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