Violence in school to change policy in Germany?

Violence at a Berlin school has prompted calls in Germany to overhaul the country's education system and provide better integration for immigrant children.

Pictures of hooded pupils pelting journalists with heavy cobblestones and police officers lining the entrance of the Ruetli school in the heavily Turkish and Arab Neukoelln district of Berlin have filled primetime news since Thursday.

Four weeks ago, teachers at the Ruetli school sent a desperate letter to state authorities asking for help and the closure of their current school."

Any help for our school could only improve the situation," the teachers wrote, saying they had been attacked by pupils and that many would only enter a class room with their mobile phones switched on to be able to call for assistance immediately.

"Looking ahead, the school as it is should be dissolved in favor of a new one with a completely different setup," the teachers added.

At Ruetli school, more than 80 percent of the children are foreigners (Turks and Arabs at most), the teachers said in their letter.

Experts said the violence showed that Germany had failed to integrate immigrant children in its school system and pondered the abolishment of this lowest school level.

Der Spiegel. In this webpage, there is a video (in Macromedia format), related to the story. Even if you do not know German, it's very important to see it.


UPDATE: The Brussels Journal writes about this story and of two others. The second of them is about and inmigration fraud:

Last week the Belgian authorities detained a Belgian of Turkish origin who runs a sandwich bar in Hasselt. In 2005 the man had employed more than 70 Turks, each for only one day. As a result of this the Turks, who came over from Turkey to work in the Hasselt sandwich bar, were entitled to stay in Belgium and became eligible for Belgian unemployment and sickness benefits. The Turkish Belgian had a number of accomplices within the Belgian social services. The mastermind of the whole network was an employee of MultiColores, the pro-immigration non-profit organisation of the Belgian Socialist trade union ABVV.

You work for one day and, although you are a foreigner -not obliged to pay the more important taxes and to pay Social Security- you're entitled to unemployment and sickness benefits? And that is just in comparison with people who are paying the Social Secutiry for ages and who are not entitled, in spite of that, to more benefits?

Who was the stupid multiculturalistic guy who wrote that law?

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