The new source of Muslim outrage

It's a song sang by these four Chechen girls, titled "Eastern Fairy Tale". The lyrics of this song run: "Do you want to be my fourth wife? Yeah, if you are my sixth husband". In the video, a boy asks the question and the group leader just answers.

And there comes the real problem: the President of the Russian Islamic Comitee, Gaydar Dzhemal, has declared that the video is inmoral, because the "girls appear [in the video] as Muslims [he says Middle East Women] and because of that, they have ofended to all Muslim women by spreading the offensive idea that is possible to have more than one husband".

A Chechen singer (that is, Muslim Chechen singer) has declared also that the video is offensive to Muslim sensibility and has caused a lot of "anguish and uneasiness".

Translated from Eurabian News

Where is the sense of humour of a very important part of the Muslims that has been lost in so distant places that they cannot reach for it? It's a SONG, for God's sake….



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6 responses to “The new source of Muslim outrage

  1. Nice girls. I would like to be their boyfriend 🙂

  2. Don’t you mean ‘chech’ ie from Tjekkia and not chechen ie from Tjetjenia?

  3. Nord

    Jeez… if Chechen girls look like that, then it’s time for me to emigrate!

  4. Well, I only translate what my colleague AMDg wrote at Eurabian News. The correct translation of “checheno” is Chechen, that is, from Chechenia. But I will ask 😉

  5. Dear Blogger! These girls are not and nver were CHECHEN girls, they are Russian, the group is called BLESTIASHIYE, one of them was a professional figure skater and participated in World Games. Please be careful while translating, in the site Eurabian News in Spanish they are caleld Russian pop group. They have nothing to do with the Chechen people and the singer with whom they sang that song was Arash.

  6. .....

    Your’re fucking dickhead, our girls wouldnt have done that, never! If you were in our country you would be died for telling that, who is your eurabian friend who wrote that?
    Fucking noobs, get your head clear before writing bullshit around

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