More about Rahman and Afghanistan

We have known today that Rahman has asked for asylum in any foreign country:

 KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan man who faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity has appealed for asylum in another country, the United Nations said Monday.

U.N. spokesman Adrian Edwards said the world body was working with the Afghan government to meet the request by Abdul Rahman, 41.

"Mr. Rahman has asked for asylum outside Afghanistan," Edwards said. "We expect this will be provided by one of the countries interested in a peaceful solution to this case."

 And Italy has sought for obtaining his asylum:

ROME – Italy's foreign minister will ask the government to grant asylum to an Afghan man who had faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity….

Abdul Rahman, 41, was released from prison late Monday, a day after the court dismissed the case under pressure from the Bush administration.

He quickly dropped out of sight, as Muslim clerics in his country continued to call for his death.

BUT why on earth no one was there waiting to protect him? A man who has received so many death threats, how can be left alone in a country where his own family has accused him and his own father has called him a traitor? We knew the Afghan Government was not going to do very much? BUt how about the International Forces?

The problem now is that he has disappeared: no one has seen him since. Afghan authorities have settled him to have mental treatment in the West. I just do not know what to make of it. Is he in hiding protecting by International troops and as a secure measure no one has said where he is? Or has he been kidnapped?

BUT there are also MORE Christians detained for the horrible, despicable crime of being Christians:

According to Compass Direct -a monitor of Christian persecution-, two other Afghan Christians were jailed in the past few days.

"Because of the sensitive situation, local sources requested that the location of the jailed converts be withheld," the organization said.

Compass Direct also reports that this past weekend, one young Afghan convert to Christianity was severely beaten outside his home by a group of six men who eventually knocked him unconscious with a hard blow to his temple. He woke up in the hospital two hours later, but later was discharged.

"Our brother remains steadfast, despite the ostracism and beatings," one of his friends is reported to have said.

The link does not tell anything of accusing the beaters and send them to jail. Maybe the Government thinks: "hey, they are doing that work for us". Each day passes along, each day I am more disgusted with the so-called powers of this world. BUT I am more displeased even with the so-called "intelectuals" and non-governmental organizations, who are so eager pointing out the human rights violations in a lt of Western countries and yet are so quiet when talking about the ones that happen in these part of the world. They are just silent. They do nothing. They say nothing. Even this is really a very grave violation that keeps repeating everyday

It's disgusting to see it's all a theatre, just made to think themselves are better all the rest of the world. I would like to see how many of them will face death with the same braveness and greatness of mind as this man has done.


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