More about Russia and Saddam

The other day I wrote about Russia informing Saddam of US war-plans. Looks like the responsible for the leaks is the same Russian ambassador who was indicted in the Oil-For-Food scandal:

In that time the members of the sub-committee stated that they found the connections between the Russian companies and illegal dealings within the Oil-for-Food program.

The Senate investigators were able to put the hand on the letters signed by Zhirinovsky, where there was a discussion of oil purchase issues, and the documents of Iraqi Oil Ministry, where it said that leader of LDPR and his party are getting vouchers for the sale of the oil. In 1997 Zhirinovsky wrote a letter to Iraqi Ambassador in Russia, where he said that his party is firmly against the UN economic sanctions, and he promised to use all his political influence to persuade the Duma to widen the economical cooperation with Iraq, including the requests of the contracts in the program Oil-for-Food. American Senators think that this zeal brought Zhirinovsky $8.7 million.

HT: Gateway Pundit.

Of course, now the Russians are denying the leaks.(link in Spanish):

"Ya hemos recibido otras acusaciones similares y sin fundamento en torno al servicio de Inteligencia ruso", indicó el portavoz del servicio de Inteligencia Exterior, Boris Labusov. "No consideramos necesario hacer ningún comentario en torno a las acusaciones".


Translation: "We have received several other similar accusations without any basis about the Russian Intelligence service", said the speaker of the Foreign Intelligence service, Boris Ladunov, " We don't consider necessary to make any statement regarding those accusations".

Real translation: we were involved but we cannot say it loudly… 


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