Interview with the former Muftí of Bin Laden


Following are excerpts from an interview by Saudi cleric Musa Al-Qarni, the former Mufti of Bin Laden. The interview aired on Dubai TV, on March 18, 2006.

Musa Al-Qarni: The concept of Jihad is a matter of faith and Islamic religious law, which lives in the mind of every Muslim on the face of this earth. The religious education we receive through our schools, through our religious jurisprudence, our thinking, and our tradition – Jihad is part of this.

[…]Here in Saudi Arabia, the young men who were about to go to Afghanistan, would undergo mental and psychological preparation. They would be included in a group of people who would go together.

Let me give you an example. Now that Jihad has become a "crime", some people may be surprised by what I am about to say: At the Jedda airport there was a group of mujahideen whose job was to welcome those who arrived on their way to Pakistan. There were also offices in Jedda that would buy discount tickets for the people going to Afghanistan.

[…] Interviewer: Why did Osama bin Laden choose 15 out of the 19 from Saudi Arabia?

[…] Musa Al-Qarni: I do not mean to belittle other nations, but let me tell you, our experience of the Jihad in Afghanistan has shown that the Saudi youth are exceptional in terms of their sacrifice and their courage. They are exceptional in their love of Jihad, and in their desire to reach the world to come, to reach Paradise. They do not hesitate.

The Saudi youth are exceptional in their willingness to sacrifice. They long for Jihad. Look at Iraq now – who are most of the young men there? Are they not Saudis? Despite the difficulties and obstacles, the Saudi youth do not listen to any authority or to any call [to refrain from] Jihad for the sake of Allah.

Look at Bosnia-Herzegovina – the Saudi youth were most of those who were martyred there, weren't they?




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4 responses to “Interview with the former Muftí of Bin Laden

  1. How is it that Saudi Arabia which has funded terrirists and subversive organizations and schools throughout the world is regarded as an ally? Are we truly that dependent on oil?

  2. I really do not know, laxpat.

    Each time I read news as this one, I am more and more astonished.

  3. Howdy everyone, I’m Daphne, really nice blog, lots of great info, Thanks a lot!

  4. Thanks, cellphone. This kind of comments makes me continue writing!

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