Let’s fund another pacific countries then

As palestinians say they do not need EU money. There are a lot of countrie sin the world who would need that money. And there are a lot of poor people in the world, who would be extremelly happy to receive it (HT: LGF).

BERLIN (AFP) – The Palestinian territories could survive without aid from the European Union and would find funding elsewhere if necessary, the German press reported the Palestinian finance minister designate as saying.
If the EU makes good on recent threats to suspend funding to the Palestinian territories “the consequences will be serious but not catastrophic”, minister designate Omar Abdul Razeq told the Financial Times Deutschland.
We can also survive without them,” added the Hamas official, who was named on Sunday as part of a cabinet dominated by members of the militant Islamic group that won resounding victory in the Palestinian election in January.

And of course, people who are not rising their sons and daughter in the destruction and conquest. Because they are just rejecting the aid because they do not want to leave their main purpose: the destruction of Israel..

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