France and Turkey: more about the freedom of speech

Some days ago, I wrote about a project of a modification to the French constitution, which called for limitations of the free press. Not surprinsingly, the French Muslims have backed it:

French Muslims backed Saturday, March 18, a draft law criminalizing blasphemy, which has been put forward by an MP for the ruling Union for Popular Movement party (UMP).
“The Union of French Islamic Organizations (UOIF) is planning a campaign to support the UMP motion,” UOIF head in the heavily Muslim populated Saint Denis district, told
He said representatives of key Muslim organizations in France have recently met with the head of the UMP’s parliamentary bloc to support the initiative and also called on other parties to rally behind the motion, which calls for amending an article in the press law better known as Law July 29, 1881.
Revealing the bill last week, Marc Bouraud, the ruling party’s MP for the Lez Avignon Villeneuve district in southeast France, said that free speech should not be exploited to blaspheme against a certain religion.
He told reporters that France should not tolerate those who incite hatredand criminalize any speech and caricatures blasphemous to any religion.
The MP said he was driven by the Danish cartoons crisis, which “exposed the fragile link between freedom of expression and freedom of belief and thought.”
The motion says that “any speech, yelling, written or printed threat, or drawings attacking a certain religion is considered blasphemy that must be punished.

HT: Plus+Ultra Blog.
At the same time, Turkey is insisting (again) in requesting the EU the need to “protect more Islam“:

“The laws are already there but they should cover all religions,” Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul told Reuters on Saturday, referring to existing European laws to protect religions from insult.

So Islam is different from the other religions in Europe. But looks like the Turks also want Law to ban from another disgusting pieces of their history:

The Council of Europe body Eurimages, to which Turkey contributes 1 million euros annually, has decided to give financial assistance to a film supporting Armenian genocide claims, sparking anger in Ankara.
The decision to fund the Italian movie “The Farm of the Skylarks,” which portrays Armenian claims of genocide, was taken during a Eurimages general council meeting with the participation of 32 culture ministers, although Turkey voted against and Macedonia abstained.
The movie that will be directed by two Italian brothers Paolo and Vittoria Taviani is to be based on a book written by Armenian-Italian author Antonia Aslan.
Speaking to reporters about the film, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul stated that Turkey has taken necessary diplomatic steps and is waiting for an answer.

HT: Plus+Ultra blog.
And what they would do if the answer is negative? Would they appeal to the UNC for Human Rights? Burn EU embassies (again)? Or produce another Valley of the Wolves film, in which the bad guy would be Europeans?
Well, according to Laban, the estimated time to have completed the invasion is roughly 12 years. HT: Agora.


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