UN: Denmark acted “irresponsibly” in the cartoon crisis

If yesterday we saw the infamous poster the UN had made about “racism”, now we have another proof of the dhimmitude of the UN:

UN: Denmark Acted Irresponsibly in Cartoon Crisis,” from Zaman.com, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist:

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, which prepared a report about the cartoon crisis, breaking out after the publication of insulting images of Prophet Muhammad, accused the Danish government of acting irresponsibly during the crisis period.
UN Higher Commissioner Louis [sic] Arbours special reporter Doudou Diene made harsh criticisms in his report about the Danish government and intellectuals along with the Danish daily Jyllands Posten, which published the blasphemous images first. The report stressed that beliefs should not be humiliated under the veil of freedom of expression as it dwelled on the importance of fighting against Islamophobia.

Why has the UN never issued the shadow of a hint of a peep about the many, many insults to Christianity that are published routinely in the West? The answer, of course, is because Christians don’t murder innocent people over such things.

My goodness…


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