Hamas and its goals

From IBA:

Hamas leader admits that power is not his goal. Well then, what is?:

DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Running the Palestinian Authority will not deflect Hamas from its overriding goal of pursuing a long-term struggle with Israel, the leader-in-exile of the militant Islamist movement said in Damascus.

Being in power is only a means to an end for Hamas,” Khaled Meshaal told a memorial gathering for a deceased Palestinian politician on Thursday night. “Power is not our ultimate goal.

“If it becomes one, let power go to hell. It will not hold us back from our targets which we hold dear,” he said.

Like I always say, you gotta love your enemies, when they tell the truth.

You can also see these two videos. You can also see this: Hamas in its own words, Teaching children to aspire death to Allah. In this last webpage there are also another interesting videos. You can also read Palstinian Children Yearning Martyrdom, encouraging by parents. Last mother appearing in the last link is Umm Nidal.

UPDATE: You can also read this post at Eurabian News (nearly all of it is in English, so you will understand it).

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