Five policemen and a pro-government figure killed by the Talebans in Afghanistan

From BBC:

Five Afghan policemen have been killed retrieving the bodies of Macedonian hostages believed to have been killed by the Taleban, officials say.

The officers died when a roadside bomb hit their convoy of vehicles, which was already carrying the dead hostages.

The bodies of the four Macedonians, who were seized last week in the south of the country, had been retrieved in a mountainous area of Kandahar province.

Taleban militants say they captured and shot dead the four men.

The Macedonians were employed by a German cleaning company contracted to US-led forces. Earlier reports described them as Albanians. Four Afghan guards seized with them were later released.

“The police [convoy] bringing the dead bodies of these four foreigners was hit by a roadside bomb on the highway between Kandahar and Maiwand,” Mr Khalid said.

“One of the vehicles was hit and the others in the convoy continued on to Kandahar with the bodies.”

Curious as ever the way of telling the news: in the subtitle it says “believed to have been killed by the Taliban“, while in the body it says “Taleban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf on Monday said at the weekend the four foreigners had been shot dead. “We will kill anyone who is helping the Americans,” he told the BBC“. Well, I think they have admitted it very clearly.

By the way, people who go to work in a simple cleaning firm are VERY dangerous, aren’t they? My goodness…

And also from BBC:

Suspected Taleban militants have ambushed and killed an influential pro-government figure in Afghanistan.

The former governor of Ghazni province, Mullah Taj Mohammad, also known as Qari Baba, was shot dead near his home in Batta, in the Andar district.

Three others in a car with him were also killed.

The former governor was a militia chief who fought against the Soviet occupation in the 1980s, and later opposed the Taleban government.

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