Hamas has finished the appointment of the Palestinian cabinet

From Yahoo News. Related a very important article in The American Thinker about the relationship between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

First, Hamas is not just a national terrorist organization.  It is the Palestinian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has fought against Arab regimes for fifty years. The Brotherhood assassinated Egypt’s Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel. It has just made startling gains in Egyptian elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood pursues the classic Communist/Fascist strategy of combining violence with a “peaceful” political front. Appeasement minded Westerners are always happy to talk with the political front, for fear of the violent one.  But they are of course the same dictatorial organization, with an world imperialist agenda.

Second, any peaceful action by Hamas will be purely temporary and tactical. This has already been proclaimed by Hamas leaders.Third, the broader international threat today is “the political participation of the Muslim Brotherhood … in other Arab and Muslim countries.” The Muslim Brotherhood may be able to take power in Jordan and Egypt, thereby destabilizing the entire Middle East.

(This is not even dealing with the problem of Iran, which is Khomeinist and Shiite, different from the Muslim Brotherhood.)

The possibility of attacks on Israel by Fatah members is currently the Israel Defense Forces’ main concern. The army, nevertheless, is also preparing for possible revenge attacks by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine following Israel’s removal of five senior PFLP members from the Jericho jail on Tuesday. . HT: IRIS Blog.

NOTE: I have written about the Jericho prison but I think that I have to mention the extremely good post of Dymphna in Gates of Vienna upon this subject, axplaning why the intervention was adequate.



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4 responses to “Hamas has finished the appointment of the Palestinian cabinet

  1. ACB

    Hamas was elected on an anti-corruption manifesto, not on an anit-Israeli manifesto, because of this a lot of Hamas officials are not actually terorists, but are instead regular people looking to get things like clean water and reliable electricity supplies to the people..

    The US should give these people a chance as they outnumber the actual terrorists and have a more powerful grip on the everyday man on the street.

    However, if you label them as terrorists and stop them from doing the job that they were elected to do, then you risk any chance of peace with them.

  2. ACB

    On Jericho

    If Israel had wanted the foreign observers to stay, wouldn’t it have been easier for THEM to garuntee their security. After all, their military is better trained and more suited for the job. A couple of Israeli body guards would have solved the whole thing.

    I’m also at a loss to see why Israel needed to bulldoze the prison after they had taken the guys that they wanted.

    There was absolutely no need to level half of the place. I hope that they’re going to pay to rebuild it, because if they don’t Palestine will have to spend money and manpower that it could have used to prevent terrorist attack on Israel in rebuilding the prison and rehousing the prisoners who were displaced.

  3. I know what do you mean, ACB, but the result is that they have in power someone who have menaced with destroying Israel and who are insisting that that is their goal. I do not label them as terrorists, they label them as such, there are videos of this month in which Hamas terrorists say they are going to pursue their objective (destruction of Israel) till the end. If you want I can tell you the link…
    By the way, why didn’t they create another political party to fight corruption and who would recognise Israel? Because that is a little impossible: more than 65% of Palestianians think Al-Qaeda is a good thing and a majority think the suicide attacks against Israel are legitimate. Umm Nidal, who is the mother of three suicide terrorists and also is Palestinian MP for Hamas, said that all Israelis are not inocent and as such, they can be killed. So looks like a majority of them although not being terrorists themselves, condone what others practice.

    About Jericho:
    Well, the problem is that Abbas had said they were going to free Zeeri’s murderers -while he had to maintain them in prison according to the Ramallah agreement-, the same week that they have given the Palestinian Honor Citizenship to a terrorist who killed a girl smashing her skull to a stone. So it’s clear that Israelis did not want this to happen to his murderers.
    I see the point that you make but I really do believe they did not want to maintain those terrorists in Palestinian power just in case they could flee, killing more Israelis.
    And about the rebuilding of the place: I think that Israel -and the international community, the EU for example- has paid the Palestinians enough by the Oslo Agreement and they have done nothing to stop terrorism. Even Arafat clained for Jihad and the killing of Jews very often. Having said that, if really there was no need to do that -we do not know the exact particulars of the fight, because the Palestinians were very good armed-, then it should be reviewed.

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