Why Turkey wants to enter EU?

Well, this is a summary of what is happening in Turkey. I am just posting an excerpt:

Six months ago, the Center for Security Policy documented the comprehensive nature of Erdogan’s takeover. To recap:

  • The Turkish government and economy is being corrupted by billions of dollars in what is known as “green money,” from Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states awash with petro-windfalls. There is reason to believe some this unaccountable cash is finding its way into Turkish businesses, creating revenue streams used to consolidate the Islamists’ power base and finance Islamofascist terrorism.
  • The Islamists are employing classic fascistic techniques, using “green” funds and the power of the state to go after strategic targets such as: enterprises of businessmen who support the democratic opposition; banks they own or rely upon for financing; Turkey’s large Alevi minority – whom intolerant Islamofascists try to vilify and persecute as “apostates”; working women (a key ingredient in Turkey’s successful economic and social modernization); the secular bureaucracy; and the press. Particularly worrisome is the fact that consolidation of media ownership has resulted in considerable self-censorship and, of late, propagandizing against the West (including notably a spate of wildly popular, virulently anti-American books and movies).
  • A special focus of the creeping Islamofascist coup has been Turkey’s traditionally secular educational system. It is being steadily adulterated by madrassa-style imam-hatip and other “schools” where students are taught only the Koran and its interpretation according to the Islamofascists. The age at which such indoctrination can begin has been lowered to four-years-old.
  • The prime minister, himself an imam-hatip graduate, has also mounted assaults on two other fronts that reveal Erdogan’s ominous plans not only for the country’s educators but for another critical Turkish institution, as well: the judiciary.

    First, a local prosecutor, clearly acting on orders from higher up, indicted a prominent secular academic – a university rector named Yucel Askin – on preposterously trumped up charges. Their subsequent dismissal by a court has only intensified Erdogan’s determination to subvert the judiciary. Tens of thousands of Koranic school graduates are being appointed as judges, assuring they will increasingly serve as instruments of Shari’a religious law.

    Worse yet, Erdogan has lately demonstrated that when he does not get his way in court, he is prepared to dispense with the judiciary altogether. This was the upshot of another government-inspired assault on the country’s secular universities, a case brought before the European Court of Human Rights by a female student who insisted on wearing a prohibited hijab (headcovering) to class. When this appeal was rejected, Erdogan angrily declared, “The court has no right to speak on this issue. That right belongs to the ulema (clerics).”

  • This statement demonstrates the cynicism of Erdogan’s purported efforts to have Turkey join the European Union. Far from being willing to adhere to European human rights and other standards, he has simply viewed the EU accession process as a means of keeping the army from once again intervening to preserve secular rule – probably the last remaining threat to his consolidation of Islamofascist power.

    Emboldened by the success of this gambit, Erdogan has now gone after one of Turkey’s most highly regarded generals, Land Force Commander Gen. Yasar Buyukanit, who is widely expected to become the head of the Turkish military this summer. A courageous and outspoken anti-Islamist, the regime clearly views his ascendancy as a threat and has had the same local prosecutor who went after the university rector file no-less-absurd charges against Gen. Buyukanit.

You can read the rest here.

Comment: So we can sum it up saying that Erdogan wants Turkey in the EU to stop a reaction against Islamofascism. The EU do not have ANY need of admitting this country. The Turks have voted this man. Yes, there can be some of them who are resisting the regime, BUT who will suceed if they enter the European Union? Viewing what Europe is doing (even asking for a limitation of the free press) I do not think that the moderates will. I really believe the ones who sadly are going to reign all over are going to be the Islamofascists. As the Professor of Islamic Studies Mehdi Mozaffari says, “Historical experience has shown that those whom people fear will win, eventually“. And we can see European leaders are frightened, except Rasmussen perhaps. And by the way the facts that the second most sold book in Turkey is the Mein Kampf (the first is an Anti-Ameican one) and the most viewed film is “Valley of the Wolves” in which the evil ones are an American and a Jewish are just frightful.

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