The Cardinal Martino and the principile of reciprocity

There are bad news from Italy: A Catholic Cardinal, Raffaele Renato Martino, has openly plaided for the teaching of the Koram in the Public schools. From LE FIGARO:

AUT-IL ENSEIGNER le Coran dans les écoles publiques en Italie ? Le cardinal italien Raffaele Renato Martino, président du conseil pontifical Justice et Paix, a déclenché une controverse en avançant cette idée. Pour lui, ce serait un «signe de respect» envers l’islam et un moyen de défendre l’enseignement du catéchisme : «Attendre la réciprocité pour les minorités chrétiennes dans les pays musulmans veut dire se mettre sur le même plan que ces pays.»

What he says is: “To ask for reciprocity for the Christians minorities in the Muslim countries means that we are just in the same plan as those countries“.

As a Catholic myself, this kind of comments are outrageous for me. Firstly, because they do not take into account the sufferings of a lot of Catholics -and Christians and Jews, and….- in the lands of the Muslim countries. For example, just now there are three Christians who are condemned to death: it all looks like they are not the culprits of the crime they accused, but rather that they were saving people from the fire. Nevertheless the Indonesian Governement has no intention of repeating the process. As I pointed out in this post, you can sign in a Spanish website to ask for their process to be reviewed.

Secondly, because the Cardinal forgets we are talikng of STATES and the States should protect their citizens. And they are not doing it if they let people that are far from integrated here, have freedoms that their own citizens cannot even dreams. Saudi Arabia even takes out Bibles from foreigners and if a cricifix is introduced there, it’s punished with prison. (At the end, link in Spanish).

And thirdly, because of news of this kind (cited by AMDG in Eurabian News):

The document stated that the Consulta Islamica should condemn terrorism, religious fundamentalism and should be in favour of religious freedoms in the Islamic world.

Only 9 members were prepared to sign the document, while 7 refused. Mohammed Nour Dachan (pictured), president of the Community of Islamic Organisations in Italy, or UCOII, which is the largest Muslim group in Italy, refused to sign, saying that “the role of the Consulta should be to advise the minister on specific problems and not to approve documents of this kind.” The UCOII represents about 800,000 Muslims in Italy.

Another refusenik was Amadia Rachid, an imam from Salerno, southern Italy.

Nour Dachan prefers the Consulta Islamica to deal with issues like mosque construction, according to a memorandum he submitted. He also said the group should not just deal with problems concerning Muslim immigrants.

I do not think any place is wrong or inadequate to condemn the deaths of other human beings, mostly civilians to impose Islamofascists points of view by terror, claiming that it’s Allah will. It’s disgusting to see that this people are in Europe, enjoying a very good situation in life but they do not condemn terrorists attacks that can kill or maim. What place this men need to condemn it?

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